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April 3rd 2008
Nelly Bay supermarket complex sold

The Nelly Bay Supermarket complex and surrounds The Nelly Bay supermarket on Sooning Street in Nelly Bay and the blocks either side of the complex including the Pizza Tonight - bakery building have been sold with the new owner mooting a new "Island Centre".

The new owner is Mr Kevin O'Keefe who purchased the blocks for an undisclosed sum.

Mr O'Keefe, from Townsville, owns several other tracts of land on Magnetic Island and is noted for developing the Cannon Park complex in Townsville (formerly Thuringowa). He told Magnetic Times that he was eventually hoping to build an "Island center - so you (shoppers) can come and do what you want to do with lots more shops and parking,"

Plans were however very much in a preliminary stage and that there was no particular time frame for the redevelopment.

Speaking in general terms Mr O'Keefe said he wanted to build, "Something programmed to suite the Island," and that Magnetic Island's, "Infrastructure was lacking."

Signalling that his intentions may be to beef up the Island eatery capabilities alongside other shops, Mr O'Keefe said, "If you were on holidays and booked into Bright Point the last thing you would want is to cook for yourself. You'd want to go and enjoy the place".

"It would be a mixed venue" he said.

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Nelly Bay supermarket complex sold
April 3rd 2008
I can never understand what is meant by the island's infrastructure being inadequate. Can anyone enlighten me?
April 4th 2008
Do we really WANT any more mainland-type development on the Island? Have Bright Point and Blue on Blue not taught us ANYTHING?
How long before we are overwhelmed with casinos, bars, fast-food joints and all the other things which will lose us our Island's special charm and make us just like anywhere else, all under the names of Infrastructure and Development?
April 4th 2008
It means not enough tar and cement. Or car parks.
April 4th 2008
there goes another low key icon on the island
April 4th 2008
I guess it means it's not like Townsville - I'm happy to stick with "inadequate" if it continues to preserve our lifestyle (I always think of Nelly Bay now as "Condon by the Sea" - 'inadequate infrastructure' might just 'save' the rest of the place).
April 4th 2008
Why is everyone knocking this proposed development before they know what the developer is going to do. Rather than being so negative why not suggest a public consultation meeting so local people can have an input as to what they would like to see there. Progress happens - that's life but please everyone let's try and stop the constant knocking and be proactive rather than reactive. You may be pleasantly suprised with what this particular developer has in mind.
April 5th 2008
There is no proposal, but when someone states that "infrastructure is laking" it even makes me turn negative,the problem is we have inapropriate and badly planed infrastructure which is WORSE than no infrastructure. I dont want more of the same.
Karl Herman Wollensack
April 9th 2008
i lived and worked on the island over five years ago...ive been living in europe but i always think of the island...paradise is PEACE and QUIET...the shopping centres belong in townsville....hello everyone!!!!

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