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March 12th 2008
Kingston's plan for Magnetic

Independent candidate Doug Kingston A plan to market Magnetic Island as the jewel in crown of Townsville tourism was unveiled by independent council candidate Doug Kingston on Magnetic Island recently.

Speaking at a community forum at Magnetic International Resort, Mr Kingston said Magnetic Island had for too long been treated by the Townsville City Council as just another suburb.

"Certainly the council has a responsibility to look after

Kingston's plan for Magnetic
jenny stirling
March 12th 2008
Good on you Doug- Magnetic Island should have much more consideration of its needs by any future TCC Council.

Best of luck in the election on Saturday.
Bruce Williams
March 13th 2008
Mr Kingston's preelection comments are the latest in a litany of such observations about presenting and promoting Magnetic Island which I have heard over the past thirty-or-so years since I have been paying attention to Magnetic Island affairs.

Yet the same old problems are still identified, and again a new spin is spun which may or may not mature or develop into the Final Solution.

Magnetic is one of a few such islands in Australia which still offers, as Mr Kingston mentioned, a relatively inexpensive holiday experience, perhaps one slipping out of consideration for many Townsville residents, especially the older, the retired, the elderly, the other financially disadvantaged.

One fact is sure. Candidate Mooney's council has spent not millions on Magnetic Island, but tens of millions on the nuts, bolts and building beams of Magnetic Island in areas of water, sewerage, roads, public infrastructure, access to TCC services, even down to turning the ailing Horseshoe Bay Sports and Recreation Club into a long overdue Community Centre. The Mooney council thus opens the door for the less well-heeled to: student visits, sports team visits, community meetings, Arts Council visits, cyclone and sunami safety, Solar City displays and professionals and more. More to be encouraged by enlightened locals who see lots of uses which must be communicated to whichever Mayor and candidates we elect on Saturday. I feel that the Mooney Legacy to Magnetic Island is substantial.

The initiative preferred by Mr Kingston is to involve the Townville City Council in Marketing Magnetic Island is not only an unusual expectation of Local Government, but also a let-off for the many Magnetic Island businesses and organisations who should be cooperating to promote their services and products to the world.

Good luck, Mr Kingston, but be wary of reinventing the wheel. Perhaps Townsville Enterprise or the Townsville Chamber of Commerce might examine their membership fee structure for tiny businesses, and perhaps they should do the work Mr Kingston proposes for the Townsville City Council.

sheila roach
March 13th 2008
I lived at Picnic Bay and I seriously think its the nicest of all the bays with its little shops (alas all shut now) and massive potential for a wonderfull night life to promenade and dine. The sand is clean and the water clear and there is a swimming enclosure for the stinger season.Drummers would gather on the end of the jetty (and probably still do)which anyone could wander up and join in.There was also a magical picnic on the jetty where islanders took there tables and chairs and much fun had under the stars.I have any lovely memories of Picnic Bay and dangerous as it was, arrival and departure from the jetty was quaint and lovely.Alas, all a memory but Im sure that it does have this huge potential !Maybe a few moorings from the jetty?This would encourage the boaties to stop.

But then I suppose insurence would become involved - everything is so complex these days with all the legalities involved.I will always keep these wonderfull memories of Picnic Bay and Maggie and the good folk who live there and hope that the bay soon recovers to become much visited and appreciated.Good on you Doug!Now Ive made myself homesick!
March 13th 2008
Picnic Bay jetty is great for community events, however, it is not owned or insured by the community. A request for a community event for September 2008, made back in January is still waiting for the bureaucrats tick.
March 13th 2008
Slight concern about joining forces with Townsville Enterprise to sell Magnetic Island to stressed out southerners (for holidays or for real estate investment). We elect councillors to consult with us (ie. residents) about the future of our place, community, neighbourhood, street - call it whatever you like but don't call it a resource which can be mobilised as an economic force.
Townsville Enterprise NEVER consults with residents. TEL tells residents what to do - or what the members of TEL would like to do with us or to us. TEL has attitude and form. It is not a people friendly organisation and does not pretend to be one. Please Mr Kingston, don't put Townsville Enterprise between Council and residents.
Kay Fallaw
March 13th 2008
Its such a wonderful tourist attraction, I have always been surprised that the powers that be in Townsville seem to have been blind to Maggie for so long. If it is developed ecologically and its natural beauty kept intact I can't see why in this day and age it cannot be a real showstopper and a boon to the area for everyone.
Brian Parkes
March 18th 2008
We have bought a block of land on Maggie with a view to retirement there. We have observed in many parts of our lovely country, when locals, businesses and councils cooperate together to attract tourism and private enterprise, everyone wins. Spin-off business and benefits follow.
Forward looking councils realise this and create opportunities to attract action. Lay-back councils do not, leading to less facilities and neglect when so much could be done to benefit the whole community.
We will wait and see what kind of council we have here.

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