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March 12th 2008
Independent bats for a local free press

Adrienne Isnard An Independent candidate for the forthcoming Townsville City Council elections, Adrienne Isnard, has taken an unusual step in coming to the aid of a news media service, namely us! Since 2002 Magnetic Times has been refused media releases (the lifeblood of a local news service) from Townsville City Council and has suffered accordingly as a small business. In the following letter Adrienne Isnard calls on people power to redress the situation.

Dear Sir, I was dismayed to learn that a leader in our community - the current Townsville City Council - does not, as a matter of course, submit press releases to your newspaper when they submit to every other news gathering agency in the City.

I understand you have a readership of 1,000 per day and a News Club of 800+. That is a lot of people denied access to information on the goings on at Council - goings on which they pay for via their rates and taxes.

Adrienne Isnard writes,

Dear Sir,
I believe the people of Magnetic Island should shout loud, long and clearly, at this injustice, by each person writing an email of complaint to both the CEO of the amalgamated Council and to the current Acting CEO of Townsville City Council outlining your views on this and asking for an explanation and please include a cc to the Hon. Warren Pitt MP, Qld Govt Minister for Main Roads and Local Government. It is mainly through people power that this injustice will be rectified. I also commit to asking questions on this matter if elected to Council. Emails supplied below. You might also like to ask the Mayoral Candidates where they stand on this issue.

Mr Brian Guthrie, CEO Amalgamation TCC:

Mr Paul Askern, Acting CEO TCC:

cc. The Hon Warren Pitt MP, Minister for Main Roads and Local Government:

Also cc to so that other staff can bring your concerns to the notice of the Mayor and the two CEOs (they can't then claim they did not receive the emails).

Adrienne Isnard
Independent Candidate for Council

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Independent bats for a local free press
Margaret Sewell
March 13th 2008
Good on you Adrienne. I had no idea of this situation and cannot see the logic in such a decision; excluding one group of tax payers from news releases on what their council is doing. It creates a descriminatory situation which should not be tolerated. You go girl.

What do you think? Send us your comments.

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