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March 11th 2008
Sunferries tees off with golfing afternoon

Paul Casey and Darren McDonald before the tee off About fifty people including Townsville and Magnetic Island based agents attended a golfing afternoon hosted by Sunferries last Friday afternoon at the scenic Magnetic Island Country (Golf) Club.

Clear blue skies matched the cheery mood among players usually found busy behind a desk or bookings counter.

The afternoon was an inaugural event that Sunferries plans to repeat, most likely, each year and, although numbers were limited for the afternoon, it was, according to Sunferries' Julie Castani, "Great for business people who sell Sunferries and Sunsea packages to get to see the golf course, look around the Island and meet others for some relaxed and informal networking."

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Sunferries tees off with golfing afternoon
March 24th 2008
Great day and well run Sunferries...........
lets have more of these days....... keep advertising the island and the region to bring more tourists to Maggie.

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