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November 30th 1999

Greens launch Island policies
Mal Hamilton
March 12th 2008
Jenny Stirling and her team are to be applauded for their commitments, but there is so much more to be said and done. The island's world heritage status needs to be more than just a selling point for real estate. For a start I would strongly advocate the following-
*an effective animal management plan, perhaps even a long term ban on cats and dogs (as much as I love these animals)
*a residential population cap
*building codes or covenants to promote sustainability and sensitivity in all architecture
*proper and adequate provision of green belts and wildlife corridors

For too long Magnetic Island has been treated as "just another suburb" by TCC. A fantastic opportunity to create an example of a sustainable tourist destination and residential area may be forever lost due to a lack of vision and political will. What we have at Nelly Bay is a spectacular failure of the imagination, more like a celebration of greed and short term thinking.

Magnetic Island is a unique and beautiful place that boasts incredible flora and fauna, habitat diversity and excellent representation of all habitats to be found in the Great Barrier Reef region, including terrestrial, intertidal and marine. People don't come here to experience just another built environment, that can be found anywhere.

"Call a place paradise and you give it the kiss of death","The big money always wins","Big development is inevitable, why fight it?" are the catchcries of cynical people who prefer to take the easy way and not get involved. More power to you Jenny.
March 12th 2008
Yes! What kind of fool designed that harbour anyway - i'm no rocket scientist but at least i can appreciate the totally impractical design. The depth and the angle of the entry/exit point is foolish and poorly designed!!! And Yes! Please, please please can we finally get a safe walkway from Nelly Bay to Arcadia so I dont have to a) trek accross mountains for 4 hours b) trek up and down a thousand steps in 35degree heat or c) risk my life walking along a crumbling clifftop. And on the issue of sewage/waste removal on the island... can I just say how SHOCKED i was when I found out that many homes in Nelly Bay (including mine)are not connected to a proper sewage system. Is it just me or is that not totally shocking that in the 21st century Australians are pumping all their sh*t straight into the bottom of their garden. Yes, in India or Uzbekistan we might expect such a thing but Australia....?!!! A supposedly 1st world nation, allowing their citizens to dispose of human waste in the backyard...?!!! I grew up in England in a 500 year old house, and even THAT had a sewage system in place. If the folk of the middle ages can do it, why can't Townsville City Council in 21st century?! Please fix this problem asap, TCC, as I honestly can't stand the stink of sh*t emanating from my ( and all my neighbours) backyards on a humid summers day. Finally, regarding marina "boardwalk", surely the common sense conclusion (although politics + common sense never seem to go togethor so this will probably never happen) is to have an actual wooden boardwalk (like the one's you get through mangroves/forests/etc) hovering an inch or two above the current concrete footpath. This would probably cheaper and more practical than trying to stop the water seeping out of Blue on Blue and making the current path slippy. A traditional wooden boardwalk would look much more attractive, safer and be more cost effective.
Any thoughts? :-)

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