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February 2nd 2008
Solar shopfront to open

The Ergon team at the office to be With just a few weeks until energy assessments commence, the 'Townsville: Queensland Solar City' project is opening a shopfront on Magnetic Island.

&picThe shop will be located within the IGA supermarket building on Sooning Street -directly across the carpark from the Nelly Bay Ferry Terminal.

When Magnetic Times visited the new shop space the staff and Ergon's Solar City crew were still waiting for the final trimmings but once the shop is open - expected Tuesday - there will be a walk-in opportunity for anybody interested in the project to learn much more and register their house or business to be assessed for the installation of solar panels, smart meters and an energy efficiency audit.

The team includes (see photo from left) Ian Cruickshank (the project's Townsville-based Manager), Adrian Goldsworthy, Paul Gjeko, Michael Eyles. Missing, with a chair left for him at centre, is Magnetic Island's own Brian Kerr of Arcadia who, for anybody who knows him, is as keen as the solar heated mustard to get cracking with the project. Right of Brian's chair is the project's Community Engagement Officer, Julie Heath

Julie Heath told Magnetic Times, "Another member of our team, who is also going to be based at the Solar City Info Centre, is Kylie Dodd. It's great for the project that we have the services of not one but two residents! Brian and Kylie have two of the nine permanent jobs created by the project so far - planned to create a total of around 15 jobs eventually. Apart from her RDO's, Kylie will be full time at Nelly Bay and is already doing a great job as the one who holds the team together."

When it comes to the recently completed Island-wide survey, Julie Heath told Magnetic Times, "We are very impressed with the information already in the community about energy efficiency."

According to Julie, the survey received responses from 540 Island residences (about 41%) and 96% of them were keen to get an energy efficiency audit. 30% of businesses responded to the survey. 82% of the respondents wanted to be assessed for the installation of solar panels on their roofs but the team are keen for more Islanders to contact them as it is likely that up to a third of the Island's 1700 rooftops may not be suitable for the panels.

You can visit the shopfront Monday to Friday, from eight am to five pm.

The first assessments are set to start on February 25 and will coincide with the Sustainability Expo to start in Townsville of February 24.

Ergon's staff can help you register for an energy assessment or simply answer any questions you have about the project and how you can be part of it.

In the meantime, for more information on the project, please contact Julie Heath on 47275735 or 0408 862 520.

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Solar shopfront to open
February 5th 2008
And just how much is this costing electricity users/taxpayers?
February 5th 2008
Sounds good...Solar Energy... but that is very expensive leasing for that premises on Magnetic Island...they will be occupying....who pays for it? just wondering?
April 24th 2008
i guess i am a bit shy and have not yet called into the office. as a single mum with little work on the island, though, perhaps i could afford to turn off onto the grid... feed my solar back to my neighbours? and my wind power...
little generators on this property sending back to the grid...
scientifically pheasable...
will the government pay?
i will pop in shortly and find out.

with Warm Regards to all my old MI friends :-)

i doubt if i could afford to supply the owner with solar panels and wind

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