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January 17th 2008
Community Development Association seeks comment on loop service

Lornal Hempstead Magnetic Island Community Development Association President, Lorna Hempstead is seeking responses from both Island business people and community members on the impact of the end of the City Loop service which has connected the arriving and departing ferry passengers with the city, Strand and Palmer Street and its replacemnt with an extenion of the 1a service only.

Lorna is seeking to ascertain if business people are aware of the impending changes to the City Loop bus service and whether this will affect their guests and also what it means for residents using the current service.

The City Loop Service is scheduled to both meet each arriving ferry and to deliver passengers back to the Breakwater in time for departing ferries. It links the Breakwater Terminal with Flinders Mall, the Strand, and Palmer Street including Adventurers Resort and services ferries from the 6.40am arrival at Breakwater to the 7.15pm departure.

The service is currently not a dedicated bus route but was set up by Sunbus with financial assistance from Townsville City Council and Sunferries.

It is intended to replace this with the 1A half hourly service which will be extended to the Breakwater Terminal run into the city centre then on out to the University and Hospital (this is

Community Development Association seeks comment on loop service
Don Kinsey
January 17th 2008
It seems premature to comment effectively until we have the proposed timetable. It may prove not to be a problem if the time margins allowed are sufficient. On the other hand it could prove relatively disastrous if they are not. Do we have any idea when the timetable will be available?
Edwina Carey
January 18th 2008
The ferry used to take people to the city for those that did not wish to walk, then we were compensated with a bus service which was initially free but now is $1 each way from the Breakwater. Now we face a service that is on its own time schedule and may not meet ferry times. Can the transport people think towards consumer needs and provide a service as required. Im sure there is enough people using this service to justify its continuation. There may be an arguement for the city loop service being available for morning and afternoon schedules only ie more popular times for commuters working or shopping in the city. If buses are at inconvienient times people will stop using the service, hence raising the need for a town car for which no secure parking is available. Please keep the city loop service going even if just for morning and afternoon ferries. Thank you for the opportunity to make comments.
Carol Mills
January 18th 2008
As a regular user of the 1A bus service I will find this an improvement. A half hour wait is not unreasonable, providing there is adequate undercover seating at Sunferries.
January 18th 2008
The current City Loop bus departs soon after the ferry arrives, enabling you to book appointments in the mall 15 minutes after ferry arrival. If the service is every half hour, there could be a wait of 25 minutes or so at the terminal. This could also be the case on returning to the ferry. This could mean an extra 2 or 3 hours in town. With the current arrangements if you miss the City Loop bus, you still have time to walk to the ferry. If the 1a bus is delayed on it's trip, and it does not always run to time, you could possibly miss the ferry, if the schedule is tight. Why can't TCC and Sunferries keep subsidising the service? I would pay $2 each way to use it, and I am sure most residents would do the same. The service is most convenient to tourists and locals, and it's removal (is not Magnetic Island the jewel in the tourist crown locally)is a backward step.
Come on locals, add your voice to this removal of a very convenient service.
January 18th 2008
A few points:
1. I have always been pleased to be able to tell visitors that there is a bus to meet each ferry and it's something they can rely on. Up until now, it has bee a"smooth" and convenient arrangement that gives visitors a good impression.
2. There is not enough seating at the ferry terminal to cater for busy times now - if departing visitors had to wait in the terminal with their luggage, rather than walk straight out to the bus, the congestion would be worse.
3. Most cities I know of have the equivalent of a city loop service, which is well patronsed by locals and visitors. getting rid of the existing service seems to be a backward step, especially since Townsville is continuing to grow. I have often been on the city loop when visitors have wanted to go along the Strand. Perhaps the city loop would get more patronage if it went further along the Strand than it currently does (allowing patrons to get closer to the restaurant they are going to, o the rock pool area).
4. Becuase of time and costs involved, most residents I know try to get as much done as they can on each visit to town. it sounds like the new bus arrangement would make that more difficult. And those of us who work in town or have appointments to go to, don't have time to spare.
5. On the one hand, Maggie Island has been chosen for the solar energy project - on the other, we are being told that our public transport system between ferry and town will be made less viable, particularly for those who have set appointments or work start / finish times to keep. Surely it is not in the spirit of environmental reform to create the need for more people to have cars in town? I rely on the city loop service in the mornings to get into town so I can get to work on time (from town, work is another 25 minutes away). Potentially waiting at the terminal for an extra 15 to 20 minutes is not viable for me, nor is walking. It is already a rush for me to get the 6pm ferry - if I had to leave work even earlier to get the 1A bus, it would be a problem. So would missing the 6pm ferry if the bus was late.
January 18th 2008
Why does it always have to come down to finance ?
A perfect service for the elderly residents on the island who much appreciate its value is in jeopardy.In Perth and Fremantle there is a service named THE CAT for all to use that runs around in a loop where you can hop on and off at designated bus stops where there is a sign with a big tiger on it,hence the name THE CAT. The tourists love it for orientation and it is free!!There is also a service in Sydney,If it can be done why is Queensland not up and running?.In the U.K.Canada pensioners travel free on their local Bus services,this is true.Ann.
January 18th 2008
Has anyone noticed the young families with their strollers etc., the frail elderly who find it difficult to walk even short distances, the young back-packers with their mega-luggage; all who regularly use the loop bus at various times? Do they need to wait yet another half hour without adequate outside seating? And how are the Number 1 and 1A buses going to cope with all this eh? Let alone run on time. Well, more anxiety for the patient bus drivers right? Not forgetting the passenger anxiety left with the dismal feeling of missed important connections and appointments.
Well who cares, as long as the white-shoe brigade are happy.
January 18th 2008
Why would you run a bus service to and from the breakwater if it doesn't connect with the ferry timetable...why would you bother... DOH,,,

From a business point of view the sunbus will lose business because even though some will wait as they don't find the wait unreasonable others still require to be at appointments or connections and don't have the luxury to sit around and wait.
January 20th 2008
I think that you all should pull your heads in, Sunbus will be running a half hour service from the Breakwater Terminal to the CBD, this is better than what the service was before in regards to scheduling. However, you all chose to live on an island which means that you must expect to be disadvantaged, then living in North Ward.

No one has seen the new timetable yet, so you might be whining about nothing.....

If you were in the Mall and waiting on the City Loop bus to come in, you obviously would arrange your day to minimise the standing around time and you would probably go and get a coffee or something at a shop in the Mall.

Sunferries has a great little cafe that if you missed the bus due to the ferries being late, you could quite happily sit inside the terminal (in the Air conditioning) and enjoying your wait. Sunferries has spent alot of money upgrading the terminal. Why would you not utilize it?
January 20th 2008
Why should Sunferries subsidize a bus service anyway, I thought they operate a Ferry Company and not a Bus Company.

Sunbus should put the price up so that those that chose to use it pay for it..... and if it can not be a viable run by standing alone, Sunbus should look seriously at their numbers, as the number of passengers using the service must be one or their top runs.
Donald Simpson
January 23rd 2008
The 1A service rarely seems to run on time now - I use it quite often. If it is proposed to extend the route, and still run it at half-hourly intervals, I cannot see it ever being on time.This will mean that using buses to get to appointments on time will no longer be viable for Magnetic Island residents.
January 23rd 2008
For those of us who work in the city, the current loop service is invaluable as it gets us to work on time and relatively fresh (mornings). We also don't have the time to wait for half-hourly connections!
January 24th 2008
Rock on the bridge to the "rock"
February 6th 2008
Most of the metropolitan centres are trying to create public transport systems that are integrated with respect to arrival and departure times. Judging by the numbers on the loop bus, it ought to be self sustaining anyway, so whose financial interests are being served by the removal of this service?
February 2nd 2008
good on you Ivalot2 - why are there always the same old comments - "You choose to live on the island..." This is not about where we choose to live, but about the expectation of a realistic (and in this case, combined) transport system. Most people do not have the time to spend hanging around in coffee shops waiting for the next bus, and a half hour wait is far too long for most people.

Increasing prices is one option thereby giving the people the choice of walking (if they can) or riding,although I understand that part of the prob has something to do with the profit made by Sunbus while expecting Sunferries to continue with the subsidy, and to at least pay the bills.

What do you think? Send us your comments.

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