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January 17th 2008
Tropic Sun Director JP Voos dies

Jean Pierre Voos 1932-2008 The driving artistic force behind Townsville's premier theatre company, Tropic Sun, Mr Jean Pierre Voos, died today aged 76.

In a statement to the media, Tropic Sun President Prof Donat Gallagher announced, "Dr Jean-Pierre Voos, the Artistic Director of Tropic Sun Theatre, died today in the Townsville Hospital. He had been critically ill for two weeks. He was placed in an induced coma to give him the best possible chance of fighting and overcoming a lung infection. But the side effects of an arthritis treatment suppressed the immune system and the infection proved fatal.

"The family and friends of Jean-Pierre have been at his bedside, and they and Tropic Sun have been deeply moved by the many expressions of affection and concern sent by individuals and organizations."

Tropic Sun recently lost their funding from Arts Queensland leading to a struggle to build local business and community support for the organisation to continue.

The statement continues, "To honour the memory of this truly remarkable Artistic Director and benefactor of Townsville, the members of Tropic Sun Theatre intend to continue the work of the Company and, as he wished, will announce a season of plays in the near future.

"Funeral arrangements will be advised as soon as they have been completed."

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Tropic Sun Director JP Voos dies
kate kelly
January 18th 2008
I haven't been in touch with Jean Pierre for many years. I was
saddened to hear of the news of his passing. It has brought back many memories. I was part of his International "Kiss" company in the Netherlands, not long before he decided to settle in Australia. His vision and discipline ensured that as Actors we were always 'in training' honing our skills, preparing the creative space within. Being a member of the Company introduced me to much that I still value in my life. His unique way of organising the work of the company , putting an onus of creativity on the actor, stretched and developed my own abilities immeasurably in the year I worked with him. For that and the enduring friendships I made through the company, I thank him. I would like to send my best thoughts and condolences to those he was closest to. Sent from Kate Kelly, London. UK
Campbell Graham
January 20th 2008
I was also in his company Kiss in the Netherlands for two years. He taught us about hard work, artistic risk-taking and discipline. (If you were one minute late for rehearsals the "train had left" and you went home.) He had a unique aesthetic and many admirers in European theatre. He was sometimes a hard task-master and pushed you to the limits of your psycholgical and physical capabilities...but always in the name of theatre. Resilience from this has helped me survive in "show-biz" since then. J-P also ran the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London and had meetings/brushes with the Beatles and a young mime artist - David Bowie.
Condolences to his family and friends,
Campbell Graham
Harold and Christabel
January 4th 2009
Sitting here chatting about warm nights in Australia and cool nights in Leeuwarden we had the sudden urge to look up where Jean-Pierre might be. Sadly, now we know. The man is unforgettable. We had been contemplating a trip to Townsville together to visit him. On a previous communication with him, he'd filled us with curiosity about how ripe avocados rolled off the roof, having fallen off the trees. We'll have to think of another way to honour him.

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