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January 16th 2008
City Loop to end

Island residents and visitors travelling to Townsville City have been collected by Sunbus's City Loop service at the Breakwater terminal which then takes them on to the city. But from March that service will finish and be replaced by an extended 1A service which may or may not connect with arriving ferries.

According to a Queensland Transport spokesperson, "The City Loop bus service began in 2005 running hourly and was funded by a number of parties including: Townsville Chamber of Commerce, Queensland Transport, Townsville City Council and Sunferries.

"The loop was introduced after the Sunferries terminal had to be moved a considerable distance away from the CBD.

"Queensland Transport was recently advised by the other parties that they were discontinuing their funding contribution to the service.

"In response, Queensland Transport is extending route Route 1A to include the terminal to ensure Magnetic Island passengers have a regular and reliable connection to the CBD.

"The 1A will provide a half hourly service between the CBD and the terminal on weekdays. The 1 and 1A will also provide connections at nights and on Saturdays and Sundays. These services will be introduced in early March.

"While the new service will not be able to wait if the ferry has been delayed, the service will continue on frequent half-hour intervals to ensure waiting times are kept to a minimum."

At present the City Loop service finishes at 7pm after collecting passengers from the 6.40pm service from Nelly Bay.

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City Loop to end
Wendy Tubman
January 16th 2008
I wonder if the Queensland Transport Spokesperson would care to tell us why "the Sunferries terminal had to be moved a considerable distance away from the CBD" in the first place?
Sara Shaw
January 17th 2008
So if the service was deemed necessary in 2005 to connect to the ferry timetable, why is it not now in 2008?

Considering that there are even more people living on the island, and visiting, (let alone the increase of poplution that TCC and other bodies would like to have on the island), why change the public transport to a system which doesn't connect? - the only answer can be cost saving.

Will there be any public notification or discussion on this?

- Sara
January 17th 2008
Just when something works well for all islanders, the powers from up above take it away. Typical
Wendy Tubman
January 17th 2008
With no response so far from the Queensland Transport spokesperson to my question, could I make it easier for him/her. Does he/she agree with my version - which is: Back in the days before an official decision had been made (or, should I say, publicized) about the disastrous 'development' at Nelly Bay, Sunferries (then under different management) argued strongly, and with good reason, against the project. At about that time, TCC, which had always been in favour of the development (and presumably still is despite the opngoing endless expenses it imposes on rate-payers), decided that they would build a walkway bridge across the creek - from Flinders Street East to Palmer Street - right between the Breakwater terminal and the handy new terminal that Sunferries had initiated close to the CBD. Extraordinarily, in a demonstration of yet more fantastic Townsville City planning, the bridge would be too low for the ferry to fit under. (Of course, now that the terminal has closed, mention of the bridge seems to have disappeared.) To assuage public discontent with the loss of the CBD terminal, the loop service was introduced. Now that we are a few years down the track, TCC feels it can dispense with this 'solution' - even thought the problem, of their creation, still exists. Never has a community been so ill-served by its local government...
January 17th 2008
Alli, the "powers" aren't up above. Contrary to many expectations they are usually very much at eye level - and looking the other way in case you notice them. The Loop was/is a sop to shut Islanders up for long enough that their short memory would come into play and they'd forget. As usual it worked well enough.
It could be worse though - and in a little while it probably will be. So when the Local Government elections come along in March try to remember who it was that misled you. You can vote for someone else - it's your choice.
January 20th 2008
The island has slid backward in many respects - this is another fine example.
February 6th 2008
The current service is well patronised and is essential for some to get to work on time and to meet connecting buses to the hospital, university and outlying shopping centres. For the 'schoolies' boat on which I and many others commute, the loop service generally carries more passengers than some of the suburban services. The powers that be probably have airconditioned cars and free parking and would rarely have to walk in this heat to get anywhere nor catch a bus.
If funding is an issue, an increase in fares or finding a sponsor maybe from another sector may help to retain what is generally a convenient and necessary service. Can we (MIRRA, MICDA, TEL, Island operators?) get funding for a bus that is emblazoned with Magnetic Island advertising that will travel around the CBD thereby giving Maggie businesses greater exposure?

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