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January 11th 2008
V8s event will cost $6M says candidate

Adrienne Isnard With burn-outs regularly disturbing Magnetic Island's peaceful ambience, hot cars frequently roaring through its quiet streets and drink drivers still common, it is interesting to hear of research put forward by independent candidate for the coming Townsville City Council election, Adrienne Isnard, who claims the V8 Supercar race event will cost the community $6M, glorify speeding, jeopodise Townsville Healthy Cities and Safe Communities International Accreditation from the World Health Organisation and detract from our Solar City status.

"The Safe Communities accreditation alone took 4 years of hard work to achieve and it needs to be re-accredited every 5 years. Can we afford to lose all that achievement for a one off feel good event which studies have shown will actually cost our local economy at least $6 million more than it earns (and what is earned will not stay here), and that is just a conservative estimate," writes the candidate.

According to Ms Isnard, recent studies and research of such events around Australia, show clearly that these events actually cost the host city and state about $6.8 million.

Employment opportunities are, she claims, also approximately 60% less than estimated and attendance figures are approximately 50% less than expected.

"But if you factor in the health and injury costs to the mix these events become unjustifiable no matter what spin is put on them."

She claims that a recent South Australian study shows an increase in average speeds of drivers around the time of the Grand Prix with an estimated $5.8m in accident costs attributed to the glorification of speed and daring hyped up in media reports about the event.

In a recent Townsville Bulletin report, "V8 Supercars boss," Tony Cochrane said he, "believed the event would inject at least $30 million into the local economy" but Adrienne Isnard responds in her blog saying, "My facts and figures were based on sound research from universities around Australia and the Victorian Govt Auditor General's May 2007 report." and describes his comment as "cobblers".

V8s event will cost $6M says candidate
January 11th 2008
Nice one Adrienne. Whilst we're on the subject of bread and circuses I wonder whether the same batch of financial experts has been roped in to explain the economic and other benefits of the proposed Cruise Ship Terminal (aka Townsville Ocean Terminal or TOT) and Luxury Canal Estate to be attached (or is that anchored?) next to the port just offshore from the Casino. After all, the Gold Coast has its Casino, Indy and V8 Supercars and yet in the end (and facing State Elections) the Queensland Government dumped the Gold Coast cruise ship terminal proposal. Not even monumental government subsidy was going to make it a goer. Afterwards, everyone agreed the economics of the Gold Coast proposal were hugely sexed-up but still not good enough so you'd have to wonder what's going on that makes Townsvillains appear to be so gullible.
Ultimately, ratepayers will foot the bill (for V8s and stupidly located marine housing estates) but some people don't seem to care. Those that do and who can connect the dots between these proposals and the Local Government elections coming in March might like to attend the following forum being conducted by the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (whoever they are):

EIANZ invites members, and members of the public, to our free forum:


presented by Peter Trathen of City Pacific Ltd, proponents of the TOT Project
Wednesday 16th January
5pm for 5.30pm start
Southbank Convention Centre, Palmer St, Townsville

RSVP Monday 14th January

Gail Hamilton
Secretariat EIANZ (FNQ)
PO Box 464, Belgian Gardens, 4810

January 11th 2008
Why should Townsville host an event like this in the middle of the school holidays, which also happens to be the busiest 2 weeks of the year for tourism businesss when most accommodation houses are already fully booked and turning customers away. Does this event mean that the normal tourist who wanted to come to the area will now be forced to go elsewhere so as the racing fraternity will come here instead. The onflow from this is that the tourists who visit this race will probably only visit the race for the weekend and visit very few if any of the local attractions or do any other activities in the area. Wouldnt it make more sense to host this event during the quieter months of the year when most accommodation houses heve plenty of beds available and attactions and tours are not already fully booked. (an injection of money into the economy in quiet months is what is needed to keep the tourist economy sustainable).
Mal H
January 13th 2008
Why should Townsville host this event at all? I don't want it. Not that it makes any difference, I only live here. I lived in Bathurst and I remember the noise from the circuit from early morning right through the day, and I was several miles from the track! Don't forget there's warmup, practice and qualifying laps as well as the race itself. Townsville doesn't need this race, it's only for the benefit of a few entrepreneurs and the petrol head minority.Why not stage a performance trial for alternatively powered vehicles? That would get my attention.

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