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December 28th 2007
The pleasures of a wet Magnetic

Cloud adorns the peaks While news reports indicate rainfall of up to 180mm fell in two hours in parts of Townsville last night, Magnetic Island has been well watered, but, according to the Bureau of Meteorology, only scored 78mm for the 24 hour period to 9am.

The rain has emphatically signalled the arrival of the wet season and Island creeks are now starting to actually look like creeks rather than weedy strings of ponds or dry beds.

A rainy Christmas - New Year holiday on Magnetic brings its own special pleasures with secret waterholes revealing themselves for those prepared to look and mountain views adorned with ever-changing swirls of cloud.

Gustav Creek in Nelly Bay looking more like a proper running creek

Nature is generally much busier now than in the dry months with trees growing fresh new foliage, winged termites (commonly mistaken for flying ants) hatching into clouds of food for frogs and geckos - outing themselves when the humidity is at a peak in the desperate quest to mate and find sodden timber, preferably not one's home, in which to start a new colony.

Curlews busy themselves poking and prodding the softened ground for unsuspecting critters while humans wander lazily around taking in the freshly cleaned air and enjoying the outdoors without a scorching sun.

The rain is expected to ease off in the next few days but if the last few days have been a guide Magnetic will be seeing more rain, cloud, fresh green leaves, clear Island streams and people restored by the vitality of nature.

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The pleasures of a wet Magnetic
December 28th 2007
the rain is a welcome relief from the heat (especially for the older folk in our community) and settles the dust beautifully which the island needs. The kids will be thrilled about the creeks starting to flow!
Martin Gibson
December 29th 2007
Lovely, beautiful, refreshing rain. I swear I can hear and watch the weeds growing. Here on the Esplanade we have had 57mm, 39mm, 72mm & 18mm during the last four days making it 186mm since Christmas. Lets hope the wet continues for a bit longer.
David John Ede
December 29th 2007
West point received 75mm on Boxing Day night. Three of the creeks on the West Point track are running. This will give the plants much needed watering.
wendy tubman
January 7th 2008
sorry to add a discordant note to all the lovely positive comments on the much-needed, I understand, rain... but are those some of the new plantings in the rehabilitated and rejuvenated Gustav Creek... or could it do with a bit of timely weeding? (Promise I'd do it if I were there...!)
January 11th 2008
This is one 'sorry' that is wasted. There are no 'new plantings' in the bed of the creek - the intention is to keep the bed pretty much clear of plantings so that the sand there will move along and not build up. If the expected downpours arrive from the downgraded cyclone (Helen) currently moving south from Cape York (Cairns is already being deluged) it's likely each of those juvenile clumps of guinea grass will be washed away. Any that remain will have your name on them and will await your (timely) intervention. Meanwhile, avert your gaze.

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