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December 20th 2007
Bridge Club anyone?

A new Magnetic Island Bridge Club is being established by Mr Simon Jones of Horseshoe Bay who is keen to see if Islanders may be interested.

The Inaugural Meeting for the Club will be held tomorrow, Friday (21st Dec) at the Market, RSL Hall in Hayles Ave, Arcadia.

Simon told Magnetic Times, "Anybody interested in playing bridge or learning to play bridge is invited and very welcome. If you are interested, but can't make Friday, please let us know."

Simon will erecting a big "BRIDGE" sign at the markets and is looking for potential player members to meet from 6pm for a 6.30pm start to the inaugural meeting.

The Draft agenda is:

Bridge Club anyone?
December 20th 2007
I would be interested a joining a bridge club. A club to lobby for a bridge to the mainland - thatis!
December 20th 2007
but then we wouldn't be an island and we then may as well live on the mainland.
December 24th 2007
It's OK Sue. Neville only wants to lobby.
December 29th 2007
If nothing else a lobby group for a bridge/causeway would certainly bring Riverside and Sunferries back to the real world and put and end to 6 monthly fare increases.
January 7th 2008
If a lobby group could end fare increases why stop at the ferries? Lobby for a causeway to Asia (even New Zealand) and cut the outrageous fares charged by Qantas. Or a bridge to Saudi Arabia and we can have cheap oil for ever.
A card game would probably be more productive.

What do you think? Send us your comments.

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