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December 7th 2007
Schoolhouse park in for makeover

Sketch of old Horseshoe School by Dennis Dean The historic school house in Horseshoe Bay will take on a new prominence this Saturday when the City Council interpretive park/ reserve surrounding it is enhanced with a new entrance, paths and tree plantings.

The Greening Townsville program will feature a Community Planting day at the old schoolhouse in Dent Street with an opportunity for locals to help out and take home a free tree for their trouble.

This planting is a continuation of a program supported by Bungalow Bay and the Council in conjunction with Australian Government Community Water Grants which started in 2006. It is designed to rehabilitate the creek and wetland area surrounding Bungalow Bay and the watercourse through the Schoolhouse Reserve and Horseshoe Bay Environmental Wetland connecting to the mangroves at the waterfront.

The planting will be a combination of local native trees and shrubs which will enhance the habitat values for local fauna and flora. There will be some hole digging, planting, fertilizing, mulching and watering followed by a free BBQ supplied by Bungalow Bay.

Come and help make Magnetic Island more green and beautiful and take home a free tree for your own garden. A hat, enclosed shoes, gloves and sunscreen would be a good idea. Time: 8.30am - 11.30am, Saturday, 8 December.

Note on top image: The old Horseshoe Bay schoolhouse, which operated from 1953 - 72, depicted in a sketch by Dennis Dean in 1990.

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Schoolhouse park in for makeover
December 7th 2007
Hi there, I went to the Nelly Bay School from 1964 -1969 and the Horseshoe Bay School was not operating then. I think it stopped in 1962 not 72. Maybe someone else can confirm this?
Cheers Ruth
December 11th 2007
I am interested in Ruth's piece because I have researched some of the Horseshoe Bay School's history. For example I have spoken to the first teacher at the original (C1949) privately built school in Heath Street and also to Mike Reynolds (Member for Townsville) who was a student at the Dent Street school for a short period in the 1950s.
The school definitely closed after Cyclone Althea (Dec 71) - about May 1972. Mr Ross Woodger (in 1999 the District Director, Townsville North and West Education District) had been appointed Principal of the Horseshoe Bay school in January 1972 and said he found only 11 students there after there had been 33 the year before. I know a couple of current residents who were students at the time who were transferred to Nelly Bay that year and their names appear as enrollments at Nelly Bay.
I don't know what was happening at the school in the mid 60s - this is the first mention in my research that the Horseshoe Bay school was closed at the time.
December 13th 2007
I once saw the Enrolment Register for Horseshoe Bay school (Mike Reynolds' name was there) but I can't remember what it said about the 60s. I saw Jo Wieneke today. She was sure she could name children who were attending Horseshoe Bay school in the mid to late 60s and doesn't remember the school being closed at all at that time.
In the Nelly Bay Enrolment Register (published in the 1999 75th Jubilee Booklet) the only Ruth in the whole of the 1960s was enrolled in 1966.

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