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November 29th 2007
Electrical product safety recall

The Queensland Government Electrical Safety Office advise that a potentially dangerous bathroom heater/light combination has been recalled because of the risk of fire.

The Queensland Electrical Safety office said a number of fires throughout Australia had been linked to these type of products overheating.

The nationwide recall is being carried out by Chief Kitchenware Pty Ltd, telephone: 1800 677 845 anytime from 9am-8pm (Mon-Fri), 9am-5pm (Sat) AEST.

The recall affects Airflow brand bathroom heater, exhaust fan and light combinations with the model/catalogue numbers :6600R,WE. 660A,WE. 6601A,WE. 6600ATP,WE. 6600X,WE. 6600H,WE. 6600D,WE.

The Chief Kitchenware Pty Ltd recall advises that owners should not use the heat
lamps and should unscrew them and store safely.

Owners have been advised to inspect the product label inside the unit behind the heat lamps and identify the model number as per the above list. They should write down the brand name and model number and call Chief Kitchenware on its toll free number.

The Electrical Safety Office is part of the Department of Industrial Relations. Further electrical safety information is available at

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Electrical product safety recall
Diet Simon
July 13th 2009
I have two of their shonky heaters, now out of action the second winter in a household where a sick 60-year-old woman urgently needs to keep warm. Nothing moves these crooks. They claimed to the CAAA that they couldn't find electricians to do the work. But my local sparky would do it right away and says so would others. I've now heard someone was assigned to our case on 8 July because Chief Kitchenware had got fresh supplies. We hadn't heard anything from anyone by the 11th. They're actually based in South Australia where they have a fax number that seems to work, so google for them. Pauline Hancock of the NSW Office of Fair Trading has promised to stay on the ball in my case, she's at 0243200615, so give her a ring. My local paper has run a letter by me which prompted a similar victim to contact me. I'm trying to get the electrical trade publications to name and shame Chief Kitchenware, which by website entries appears to be quite a healthy company. I'm also on to the CAAA but they appear hopeless and I've written to local and federal pollies. - Diet Simon, Tewantin, Sunshine Coast, Qld. (Abridged Ed)
July 23rd 2009
I am also a 'victim'. Recalls should be subject to time limits and all affected consumers should now be given immediate full refunds for the cost of the units plus installation.

Common ACCC what are you doing? This is affecting a lot of elderly and frail people.
October 8th 2009
Over 12 months after responding to the recall we finally received a parcel containing 2 new globes with instructions to screw them in and take the recall warning label off the surround.

Nothing else - no tradesman to call and replace the fitting as we were expecting from Chief's original advice. I'm wary - I have not replaced them yet - I just don't see yet that this will remove the fire hazard.

Does anyone have better information?

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