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November 29th 2007
New services morning, noon and night

Sunferries Maggie Cat departs Nelly Bay With a new 8.25am service from Nelly Bay to get commuters who work in the city at their desks by 9am, extra middle of the day trips and later runs through week nights, the new Sunferries timetable, which starts on Saturday Dec 1, has a lot more to offer Island residents and visitors.

According to a Sunferries' spokesperson, "After 12 months of planning and consultation with connecting transport services and Magnetic Island residents, the new timetable will provide an improved schedule for the island residents and the growing number of tourists to the region.

"The previous timetable was based on Sunferries' operation from both Flinders St and the Breakwater Terminal and was timed around the older vessels."

The new schedule will provide up to 19 services per day. It will close long gaps during the middle of the day and improve night services. Notably, the inclusion of an 8.25am service from Magnetic Island will allow Island commuters to get to work by 9.00am and the 11.30pm service, departing Townsville Monday to Saturday, will allow residents to come across for more sporting, cultural and social events.

Another key feature will be the 1.00am service from Magnetic Island Friday and Saturday evenings which will encourage Townsville residents to consider Magnetic Island for an evening out.

Pocket versions of the new timetable are currently available from the Breakwater Terminal, whilst the Sunferries website and display boards will be updated from 5.00pm Friday 30th November or at Magnetic Times' Ferry Timetable page (here).

Magnetic Times will also be updating the new Magnetic Island Bus Service timetable which will align with the new Sunferries' services.

The new Sunferries timetable:

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New services morning, noon and night
Marilyn Sheather
November 30th 2007
Sadly the weeknight departures from Townsville are not compatible with the time I finish my radio broadcast ie 10pm. It is not feasible to wait for the 11.30pm, so after 8 years with triple t FM,I will forced to resign in the New Year.
November 30th 2007
I think the added services are great! And i'm sure the changes will be welcomed by a lot of people.
However, I was moved to write as well after reading Marilyn's post: the new timetable means that it is no longer feasible for me to teach my Thursday evening yoga class in Townsville, as it would entail a 6-hour round trip.This is a bit sad because for years it has been the only Ashtanga Yoga class in Townsville.
December 1st 2007
With 8.00pm shows at Tropic Sun, I could not get home on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights of performances weeks, so would take the weekend bag to town on a Tuesday and come home on the 11.30pm on the Friday - now I will be able to come home every night which is great. It also will be a great deal easier for Islanders who would like to attend the many mid week performances at the Civic Theatre or the Music Centre NQ concerts which are often in town for just one or maybe two nights, now the time of the last ferry will be no barrier. Great news for many people

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