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November 26th 2007
Evan is just a naughty boy

Evan is not missing he is just a naughty boy It seems Magnetic Island and, no doubt, far further flung places have been hoaxed by non-missing Evan Tremblay

The hoax has been going around the internet apparently since August when Evan decided to revamp another hoax and use his own identity.

One hell of a way to get attention but since Magnetic Island has been awash with concerns for Evan we thought this spam scam should get the attention Evan doesn't deserve.

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Evan is just a naughty boy
Alan Jackson
December 7th 2007
As the crew from Monty Python's Holy grail, would say Evan's not the messiah he's just a very naughty boy.
May 20th 2008
It's seems like he need attention... Beurk!!!! Grow up a little bit young man...

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