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November 20th 2007
Sex and Death and Christmas shopping at Perc Tucker

With "that time of year" just a few parties and some long slogs through shopping malls away, it may be a smarter move to join one particular party this Thursday at Perc Tucker Gallery where there's a chance to bid for some genuinely valuable art to make a big Xmas impression on those who thought they had everything.

Perc Tucker Regional Gallery is running an auction of selected works by local and interstate artists to go under the hammer this Thursday evening.

The majority of work will have reserves, but some will go out at bargain basement prices as artists clear out their studios.

Magnetic Islanders should pay particular attention as a large body of work by Magnetic Island's most distinctive artist, Gavin Ryan, will be going under the hammer.

A collage of some of Gavin Ryan's work

Other artists include: Graeme Buckley and Sylvia Ditchburn, Angela Hughes and Aaron Ashley. Paintings, photographs and sculpture will go under the hammer. Floral, Wendy Robertson's sponge chair from this year's Strand Ephemera is also included.

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning to a magnificent silver eagle perched near the tree. Zita Toth-Vagvolgvi's Flying on the wings of the winds will be auctioned.

Viewing of the works takes place from 6.30 pm with the auction proper conducted by a professional auctioneer from 7.00 pm.

Director, Frances Thomson said "This is a first for the Gallery. The Gallery has been approached by an artist who is leaving town and wishes to clear out his studio. Other artists have followed suit, so this is a community service. I encourage the public to patronise this auction and thereby support artists."

Gavin Ryan told Magnetic Times, "While most artists find themselves a signature style or two that works for them and then stick to it, I have made a habit of doing the opposite. So this bunch of works will represent a bit of a retrospective in that there will be a very diverse range of looks and styles and media and techniques and subjects culled from years of creative ADD."

"Point your browser to to get a feel for what I am on about." says Gavin Ryan.

"There will be representative pieces from most of the tangents I have shot off on here going under the hammer and for all those have told me over those gawd-knows-how-many years that they would like to buy one of my pieces but need to win a lottery first, well, here's the best chance you are going to get.

"I am moving on. Artistically and otherwise. I have my sights set on getting a exhibition of my latest and hopefully more-or-less-permanent tangent shoot, (the Sex and Death . and shopping project I last showed at the Perc Tucker Regional Gallery several years ago) out to the big wide world, starting with the Woodford Festival after Christmas and then showing at TAP Gallery in Sydney in January. From there I don't know yet but I'm aiming high and dream of ending up in New York with it one day. I'm hoping the proceeds of this auction will help get me at least as far the first of these objectives."

The details:
Art Auction, Thursday 22 November 2007 6:30 pm Preview & Drinks 7:00 pm Auction

RSVP + Acceptance only + 477 9011

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Sex and Death and Christmas shopping at Perc Tucker
Brian Williams
November 20th 2007
Gavin Ryan is a very talanted artist. Each time we are on Magnetic Island we always go to see him and we always buy something from him. Each time we have met him he is always sad and depressed and never seems to have any sort of personality. He always complains about the development of the island and how no one is buying his art. HELLO.......we did not go to his studio to hear these sad rantings, we went there to buy art from a very talanted man. I suppose he would sell a lot more things if his website was up to date (has he tried or heard of EBAY??), we are for development of Magnetic Island (within reason) so it is quite off putting to hear his views of development. A very sad and non welcoming man. Not sure if he really is an asset to Magnetic Island. He told us he was going to go and live somewhere else, the sooner the grump does go the better. We were very impressed at the art at the shop at beachfront in Horseshoe Bay, the people there are happy and positive.

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