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November 19th 2007
Vehicles off the beach

Dear Editor, Many hours of work by local residents, Coast Care Group members and Australian Conservation Volunteers has contributed to weeding and regeneration at West Point to stabilise the beach and sand dune. The work is ongoing and we have a long way to go.

It is most upsetting to see 4WD and quad bikes driving over the dunes and onto the beach negating our efforts. Above all it is the total disregard by some drivers for the safety of children playing on the beach.

When I have drawn the attention of drivers to Townsville City Council signage re vehicles on the beach, I have been threatened with violence, verbally abused or given the finger. The most recent incident10-11 November.

Please respect the rights of others, the right of my grandchildren and all children to play safely on the beach.

The time to act is now. Keep all the quad bikes and vehicles off the beach,

Thanking you
Elena Timms

Vehicles off the beach
Alex Andreassen
November 19th 2007
Elena, you are not the only one, as a tour guide I have approache some of these people who drive their 4WDs on the beach and I have been theatened, given the finger or just ignored. What I'm gonna start doing is to take pictures of the vehicles showing their number plates and handling these to the police. I hope the guys in blue can actually get to these people and send them a fine through the mail.
It's not only a hazard to the nesting sea turtles, it is also illegal.
I wonder what the TCC would say if all of the sudden we start getting 4WDs going for joyrides along the TCC's beloved Strand.


Alex Andreassen

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