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November 14th 2007
Sea turtles back for nesting on Magnetic

If you see fresh turtle tracks report them to QPWS Following is an important message from Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service regarding the start of the turtle nesting season on Magnetic Island

Once again Magnetic Island will become an important breeding ground for Green and Flatback turtles, both listed as vulnerable species. From November through to January these sea turtles will be coming ashore to nest on beaches all around the island. Nelly Bay, Horseshoe Bay, Radical Bay and West point are popular nest beaches for sea turtles.

Sea turtles are under threat with many turtles dying each year as a result of boat strikes, entanglement in and ingestion of marine pollution, bycatch in recreational and commercial fisheries. These animals need all the help they can get to survive.

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service monitors turtle nesting activity on Magnetic Island to ensure that turtle hatchlings will have the best chance of survival.
There are many ways Magnetic Island residents can also do their part to help sea turtles.

Report turtle nesting activity to QPWS.
By assisting Rangers to locate turtle nesting sites, this ensure the site will be monitored and protected if in a vulnerable area such as a road or close to street lights. If residents observe a turtle or turtle tracks on the beach please call the EPA Hotline on 1300 130 372.

A flat back turtle digging her nest near the road in Nelly Bay in 2003. Remember to always keep a considerable distance from nesting turtles.

Let her nest in peace.
Residents who encounter a female turtle on the beach must be very careful not to disturb her. During the nesting process, turtles are easily disturbed by light, noise and movement

Sea turtles back for nesting on Magnetic
November 14th 2007
I think it is wonderful that we live in a part of the world that turtle still consider safe enough to nest in.

We should be careful not to take it for granted!
November 15th 2007
I've never seen turtle tracks before and went looking at the western end of horseshoe bay beach in search.I met a wonderful, knowledgable lady who said that 20plus years ago there used to be at least 20 or so turtles hatching but now there are only a few.She contributes this all to the horses and jetskis but I guess that's progress and tourism.
Elena Timms
November 19th 2007
Dear Editor,
Many hours of work by local residents, Coast Care Group members and Australian Conservation Volunteers has contributed to weeding and regeneration at West Point to stabilise the beach and sand dune. The work is ongoing and we have a long way to go.

It is most upsetting to see 4WD and quad bikes driving over the dunes and onto the beach negating our efforts. Above all it is the total disregard by some drivers for the safety of children playing on the beach.

When I have drawn the attention of drivers to Townsville City Council signage re vehicles on the beach, I have been threatened with violence, verbally abused or given the finger. The most recent incident10-11 November.

Please respect the rights of others, the right of my grandchildren and all children to play safely on the beach.

The time to act is now. Keep all the quad bikes and vehicles off the beach,

Thanking you
Elena Timms
February 10th 2011
the tracks were pretty cool!!!! omg sweett!!

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