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November 9th 2007
Now it's a problem

The barricade from Lions Park end For weeks now Magnetic Times has been attempting to get a comment from Peppers Blue on Blue PR people re the closure of the walking path which follows the water's edge from Lions Park to the ferry Terminal. Unfortunately to no avail.

We understand that the path is actually controlled by Townsville City Council and according to a report in Mary Vernon's column in today's Townsville Bulletin, "It appears that there is water seeping onto the path in one spot which is making the path slippery and no fewer than five people have reported slipping over. The council is looking at ways to prevent this happening and deputy mayor Jenny Hill said

Now it's a problem
Chris C
November 9th 2007
Considering the number of customers you don't see in their restaurant-with-barge-views - you'd think they would want all access points open??

mary vernon
November 9th 2007
The problem is between the developers and the council not Peppers, which is suffering from the closure as access to marina berths is closed off. I understand the problem lies in the failure of the substructural drainage at just that one point, diverting the water through the seepage holes.
November 9th 2007
It is not so much the fact that they have closed the path, but rather that no-one was telling us why? I emailed Jenny Hill over a week ago to ask why it was closaed and who actually owned the footpath and got a message, electonically generated that said she was out of the offic until the following week and would answer emails then. This of cousrse never happened! Why the silence which makes one feel the council has something to hide and makes everyone suspicious.
Now I think I need to speak with Mr Cristafulli!
November 11th 2007
If the slippery section is confined to one point, a temporary duckboard or other treatment could very easily provided if the will were there.
Mark Preece
November 11th 2007
Pls pursue this story. I really used to enjoy being able to walk along the edge - the barrier looks like a permanent structure and prima facie you would have to be very suspicious
November 19th 2007
I too have my suspicions.
However - as an elderly slowcoach I now find the increased distance I have to walk to reach the ferry terminal just that bit too much; I have to take the car or get a taxi. Not good when we are trying to reduce the use of fossil fuels!
Anywhere else in Townsville, if there is a problem with a footpath, IT GETS FIXED. TCC, please remember we are part of Townsville too and get this path back in usable order again quick smart, please
Alex Andreassen
November 19th 2007
I wonder how come the TCC doesn't put up these type of sturdy barricades along West Point and Radical Bay to protect the beach from those idiots driving their 4WDs onto the beach???

TCC, any answers????

Alex Andreassen

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