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November 7th 2007
Accident on Sooning Street

The scene of the accident Two cars were extensively damaged this morning when a light van collided with a sedan coming out of the Foodworks supermarket carpark on Sooning Street Nelly Bay.

The owner of the van suffered what Magnetic Times understands were minor head injuries, neck pain and rib injuries and was evacuated to Townsville Hospital for x-rays and further checks.

Constable Ben Costelloe from Magnetic Island Police told Magnetic Times, "At this stage it appears the other vehicle (red car) failed to give way and collided with the other car (brown van). Alcohol was not a factor but our investigations will continue."

The driver of the red car received what were thought to be some minor bumps.

Could this sign be a problem?

Some onlookers suggested that the sign which is prominently placed beside the street may have played a role in obscuring the view of the traffic for vehicles coming out of the carpark and Magnetic Times invites readers to comment on whether they think the signs location could be a problem. Constable Costelloe commented that the driver of the vehicle leaving the carpark had not commented that the sign was a problem.

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Accident on Sooning Street
November 7th 2007
Actually I have never even noticed the sign - the problem is usually the cars parked on the dirt next to the entry
November 7th 2007
I live across the road from where the accident took place and have to say that his street is notorious for drivers speeding. I wish people would keep in mind that this is a tourist destination and many people are not looking were they are going and are unfamiliar with our roads. We have no hospital or facilities here for emergency situations and this is also the street where the school is and children are a familiar presence in this area. Please remember to slow down and be aware as prevention is better than cure.
November 7th 2007
If the sign was a problem, we would have had far more accidents. Not just this one
November 7th 2007
Can't comment on the accident, hope everyone is OK. Regarding the signs, they are certainly poorly located with text far too small to read easily - esp for visitors who might think there is something useful to read.

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