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October 24th 2007
Nelly Bay leads solar panel rollout

The solar panels angle off the nearer roofline The first solar panels of the Townsville: Queensland Solar City project have been installed at the Nelly Bay Ferry Terminal.

The nine kilowatt system is the first of about 500 solar photovoltaic (PV) systems Ergon Energy plans to roll out in its transformation of Magnetic Island into a Solar Suburb.

The Townsville: Queensland Solar City project is part of the Australian Government's Solar Cities initiative. Ergon Energy leads the Townsville consortium which includes the State Government, Townsville City Council, Delfin Townsville, HIG Riverway and Cafalo.

The Queensland Government has contributed $5 million to the project and part of this has helped fund the Nelly Bay Ferry Terminal solar PV system.

Minister for Mines and Energy Geoff Wilson said Townsville's Solar City project was an iconic project demonstrating the way Australian communities can harness solar energy and be more energy efficient in their daily lives.

"It is a smart initiative for the Smart State," Mr Wilson said.

"The Solar City project will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make Townsville an even more attractive place to live and work.

"It's estimated that over the seven year period of the Solar City Project, greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 50,000 tonnes - the same effect as taking 1,700 cars off the road," he said.

Member for Townsville Mike Reynolds said installing a solar PV system on a well-used public building would maximise the opportunity for Magnetic Island residents and visitors to learn about solar energy.

"The Townsville: Queensland Solar City project is about working together to help reduce wasteful energy use and increase solar energy use," Mr Reynolds said.

"Magnetic Islanders will be helping to create a blueprint for future sustainable energy use in Queensland communities and beyond.

"The Nelly Bay Ferry Terminal will become an iconic part of this project as the first building on Magnetic Island to receive a solar PV system.

"The PV system is

Nelly Bay leads solar panel rollout
James Mc Lellan
October 25th 2007
It is great to see something (anything) being done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, yet I must question the statement from Minister Wilson that the Townsville
Bill Nelson
October 25th 2007
One single screw on this installation caused a number of people in Nelly Bay to loose their TV reception as a cable to the repeater transmition antenna was accidentally punctured. Signal was restored on 22.10.07 when offending screw was removed and one mounting bracket moved about 20cm.
October 31st 2007
Wow! That is really cool! A solar city. Can't wait until that becomes the norm instead of the news. Steve of
Jane McLean
May 5th 2008
I, too, think the project is a wonderful first step but, as James McLellan has revealed, it is only a drop in the bucket.

What will happen after 7 years?

Where can we look to see how much has been fed into the grid so far?

dave sapsford
July 24th 2009
Yea, I reakon it's great too. I am a Western Australian whom is moving to Maggie soon with my partner. Ova here we have massive wind farms in a lot of coastal country towns........maybe this would be an option too.....look forward to chatting to green people on Maggie soon :)

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