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October 16th 2007
RSL raffle winner

RSL comp winner Debra Fitzpatrick The winner of the RSL Raffle to win an original painting by Island artist Vonnie Van Bemmel was Debra Fitzpatrick from Brisbane

The raffle was conducted for the RSL to raise funds to purchase a data projector.

Ms Fitzpatrick came to the Friday night markets and bought 6 tickets and was awarded the prize by MI RSL President Geoff Barlow.

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RSL raffle winner
Francis Smedley
October 17th 2007
Congrats to Debra Fitzpatrick from Brisbane.

A message to Geoff Barlow. You scrub up well for a young bloke.

When you see mum say hi.

Francis Smedley
R. Rogerson
November 2nd 2007
I think the island is lucky to have a bloke like Geoff Barlow. I lived on the island for a little while and was impressed with his character. Couldn't meet a nicer bloke.
cheers Ruth and Glen from Darwin back with the kids and grandkids

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