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October 4th 2007
Local outcry in support of Burma

As news and information outlets have now been mostly blocked by the Burmese military junta, Magnetic Island resident and journalist, Mary Vernon, who spent six months working in Burma for the Myanmar Times in 2005, is worried for her journalistic colleagues with whom she has lost contact.

"When it (the demonstrations by Burma's Buddhist monks) all started I was in contact with lots of people but now the Internet is cut off, except for satellite connections which they don't have much access to, I don't know what's happened. I'm quite worried" she said.

"I was actually booked to go there again next week but it's now too dangerous.

"It's very concerning that now the information is cut off the rest of the world will move on and forget about Burma."

Last Saturday, in her column in the Townsville Bulletin, Mary Vernon wrote, "This evening, at least some of these protesters will be dead, many will be beaten, and many will be imprisoned in conditions incomprehensible to us in the West. But tomorrow they'll get up and do it all again. There is no other way for them to turn, they are powerless. Their country has been ground beneath the heel of one or another military despot since 1962.

"The generals have taken a country which was the richest in South-East Asia and converted it into an economic basket case, selling off the resources

Local outcry in support of Burma
Jenny Stirling
October 4th 2007
Non-violence as a social action strategy is very costly in situations where the military has no compunction about killing. The flip side is that we can clearly see who has the moral high ground here.

China needs to be held accountable for its support for this murderous regime. So will we think about sanctions as the West did in South Africa?
Anne McCafferty
October 5th 2007
I agree about sanctions. Just finished reading this book (just a coincidence timing wise) It is a novel but very well reseached I would say.
The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh Very informitive. Cheers Anne

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