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August 15th 2007
Greens' Market call "Bloody good idea"

With bananas at around $8.00 per kg, Zucchinis around $9, (hand picked) beans around $12 per kg and Rockmelons around $5 each on Magnetic Island, which is often cheaper than Townsville prices, it is likely that a proposal by the Greens calling for urgent action in establishing a local food produce market in Townsville to help farmers reduce transport costs and to provide fresher, cheaper fruit and vegetables to consumers, will be well received.

"The current situation is all about dollars and makes no sense. We are loading up trucks with bananas and other northern produce, sending them thousands of kilometres down south, only to send them back up here again for sale in the big supermarkets," said Queensland Greens 2nd Senate Candidate, Anja Light.

Greens Market call "Bloody good idea"
Dave Kimble
August 15th 2007
Yes, its a good idea. The seasonal variations are not important - the Townsville market could be just another depot of the Rocklea markets, connected by video-conferencing over the internet, just like the CALM livestock marketing system. No one would be forced to buy from up here, and no one would be stopped from buying down there. But buyers could decide for themselves whether it would be cheaper to buy up here or not. Win-win.
August 16th 2007
Yes, it is a really sensible idea. As fuel prices, and thus freight rates, rise and rise, it is surely madness to grow bananas up North, then send them on the long trip to Brisbane and back before we are able to buuy them. The absence of a local market must be one reason why our shopping centres do not have the fruit and veg speciality stores which are well-nigh universal in Southern centres. We have no choice except for a very few outlets in street markets but to buy our greengrocer items from stores which rely on spraying with water several times a day and lighting with tinted lights which make greens look brighter, as a substitute for real freshness.

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