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June 22nd 2007
Elena returns with Indigie Femme performance

Elena Higgins (file photo) Magnetic Island musician, now residing in the US, Elena (Higgins) is returning to Townsville tomorrow as part of a US based duo, Indigie Femme on a five week tour of Australia. While in Australia they will perform their combined indigenous and contemporary folk music throughout various venues including a concert tomorrow at the Old Magistrate's Court in Townsville starting at 1.30pm.

The show promises to be an interesting mix of indigenous cultural roots with Tash, Todich'ii' nii (Bitter Water Clan), Navajo Nation and Elena, Maori/Samoan from Aotearoa (New Zealand).

Elena's career began at the Magnetic Island Musos' Club in 2002. An event Elena described as, "a life changing event". Soon she went on to record her first album, Rivers of the Soul which saw the involvement of a very wide range of Island musicians and friends supporting her in a collection of original material which included some impassioned protest songs, including "Save Radical Bay".

Since then Elena has performed across Australia and the United States where she has played the extensive festival circuit.

Tash graduated from The Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico with a BFA in creative writing. She has worked at New Mexico School for the Deaf as a sponsor and liason for the Strong Silent Council, freelance interpreter, and has assisted Elena in organizing international and national performances and tours.

After several years of solo careers, Tash and Elena have recently joined forces and according to a press release the performers' lyrics, "... speak of life's passions, empowerment to women, indigenous people and connection with Mother Earth. Indigie Femme's attendance woven together creates a fabric of collective healing and a consciousness for our planet."

Since arriving in May the duo have performed at Sydney University for "National Sorry Day," the Merry Muse Folk Club in Canberra, and The Royal Exchange Hybrid Arts Centre in Newcastle. They will continue their tour performing in festivals, schools, detention centres, and clubs in WA, NSW, QLD and ACT. This includes: The Dreaming Festival, See Hear & Now Festival.

On their return their will tour throughout North America until Christmas when they plan to record their up and coming cd during the winter months in Santa Fe.

The duo will be preceded by the Julbu Julbus Dancers (local Aboriginal Women Dancers) on Saturday 23 June at the Old Magistrate's Courthouse at 1.30pm.

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Elena returns with Indigie Femme performance
Bridget Riggs
July 1st 2007
Hi Elena,
you're looking lovely..happy and full of energy.
Thinking of you,
Kathy Baxter
December 20th 2007
Sounding Great Elena ....but then again you always did....Oh and that time of the year again..."Go the Hormoans" lol.

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