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June 6th 2007
Sand movements at Nelly Bay

Following is an important notice from Queensland Transport regarding the replenishment of sand at Nelly Bay next week.

Sand movements at Nelly Bay
Chris C
June 6th 2007
Golly - is it that time again.

Let's see - a truck, bobcat and two workers for 11 days at say $1,500 per day - a pretty damn expensive recurrent public subsidy to the cyclone watchers inhabiting the harbour I"d say !!
June 6th 2007
How is it that the Queensland Government can mine and excavate sand, coral and other products in and beyond the intertidal zone (ie. the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and Townsville-Whitsundays State Marine Park) of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area at Magnetic Island without a plan, a permit, without consultation and seemingly without any consideration of the consequences?
The changes taking place to the shape, stability and dune forms of Nelly Bay beach since the opening of the Nelly Bay harbour and the Constitution Bridge are a direct result of the failure of government to regulate its own activites. Each new excavation exacerbates the last. The changes are measurable and the process well understood.
Clearly Queensland Transport does not know what it is doing, does not care and will not reform.
Wendy Tubman
June 6th 2007
Oh how hard it is not to be cynical. We now have 'the yearly Nelly Bay Beach sand replenishment works'. Remember, folks, these are the sand replenishment works that the developers and the TCC and other sundry supporters of the Nelly Bay 'development' told those of us who cared enough about Nelly Bay and Magnetic Island to look carefully at the real impacts of the abomination, would NEVER EVER be needed. And yet these now 'yearly' taxpayer-funded works have only become necessary since the 'finalisation' of the development. They weren't 'yearly' before. They weren't DONE before. They weren't necessary before. Yet, now they are necessary in spades.

For those who haven't been down to The Esplanade at Nelly Bay for while - do it. Go down. You will be aghast 'at the erosion that has occurred: metres of foreshore - gone; casurinas - gone; sand - gone, leaving a 'beach' of exposed rock.

Yet another example of the mess that the immoral get-rich-quick developers left behind when they desecrated and continued to desecrate Bright Point.

At least those who live there will be able to look out of their windows and have a daily reminder of the cost that their 'lifestyle choice' has imposed on others and on the environment.

And the really, really sad thing is that the yearly 'works' are not 'working'. We are fighting a losing battle. What, I'd like to know, does the Department propose to do when it becomes evident, even to them, that this is so?
Denis Griffiths
June 8th 2007
I lived in Yates st Nelly Bay 1987 to 1990,and had to watch the fence going up around the beach & Bright Point. I have been back twice since, and all I can say is what a shame. The developers who did this, and are still doing it to the island are interested in one thing money. Look how they have left Radical Bay and the road in to the bay. I could drive my family to the beach and enjoy a day there, not any more.Its time that Townsville listened to the people who live on the Island.
But they didn't in the 80s so I don't think they will start now.But keep up the fight for a lovely Island. Denis Griffiths

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