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June 4th 2007
Free roadkill

Interested in winning free double passes to the World Premiere of Dance North's internationally travelling, major production for 2007: roadkill? Read on to find out how members of the Magnetic Times News Club can be in the comp and, of course, if you're not a News Clubber, how to join for FREE!

roadkill is set in the middle of nowhere. A couple are stranded in a car that won't start, next to a phone box that doesn't work. They only have each other to survive.

Inspired by a journey through the deserted Queensland outback, roadkill's creators recognised the potential paranoia associated with vast open space and the silence of the Australian bush, particularly at night. A place where the ghosts of lost explorers and the voices of original owners still haunt. A land where backpackers disappear and tragedy strikes the vulnerable.

Gavin Webber, Dancenorth's Artistic Director and co-choreographer said, 'The subject of Australia's heartland has always sparked interest, particularly from overseas. Somewhat sadly the Peter Falconio and Ivan Millat cases perpetuate the intrigue.

It looks as if the props department will be working overtime too in this rather different production. roadkill's major production item - an old beaten up Ford Telstar. is set to arrive from Brisbane tomorrow morning at 5.30am. Stanley Street in Townsville will be blocked off whilst a crane will manipulate the car into the School of Arts Building (the Dancenorth studio), through its corridor, and into the studio proper

The Premiere on June 13 will also be filmed by ABC Television who are using the roadkill story as part of their 'Artists at Work' documentary series. The producers of the series have followed the development process of roadkill from infancy to Opening Night.

roadkill is a co-production with Brisbane Powerhouse and is from the creators of lawn. roadkill will premiere from 13 June to 16 June at Dancenorth in Townsville, and will then tour through to Cairns. Significantly, it will be performed at the London Barbican Theatre as part of their bite07 Festival for a two week season, followed by performances in Brisbane Powerhouse in November.

Now, to join the News Club and be eligible to win one of our two double passes to roadkill you must become a member of the News Club. Members receive an emailed alert containing the first paragraph of our hot new stories as they are posted and can then link back to read the complete article. It's a great way to keep up with Island news and, as we never share our member's list, there is no spam issue to worry about and you can get to win some nifty prizes like these tickets. All you have to do is go to the lower left side column of and insert your email address into the yellow slot. And that's it!

But, to be in the competition to win one of two double passes to the roadkill World Premier on Wednesday June 13, you need to answer the following question. Name one other production by Dance North either produced or to be produced this year? To help you could visit the Dance North website (click here).

To answer just use our comments box below and you will be automatically entered.

The first two correct entries - drawn from our special roadkill pouch - next Monday night after 10pm, will be notified by email. So good luck News Clubbers and don't play in the traffic.

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Free roadkill
Jill Edwards-Davis
June 12th 2007
Three cheers for Dance North they brought ballet to Mt. Isa when no other company would do so (the one and only time the Qld Ballet came, 10% of the population attended - imagine if that happened in Brisbane!)

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Well done everyone! Once again our fabulous community had a great day out and raised funds for a deserving cause - pat on back to all.
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