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June 1st 2007
School janitor's position retained

Following personal representations to the Minister for Education, Rod Welford, Member for Townsville and State Speaker, Mike Reynolds, told Magnetic Times, "We have won the battle and the janitor/groundsperson position (at the MI State School) will stay!"

"I made strong representations to Rod Welford last Thursday. I especially put to the Minister that Magnetic Island should be seen as a separate case as an Island and that the school had particular requirements with a community pool to maintain, an oval which has just been funded, a creek and that there were snakes like death adders (which have been removed from the grounds) and that it was absolutely crucial to see the position maintained," said Mike Reynolds.

It seems that the timing of the contact between the politicians meant that a letter rejecting the P & C led appeal to retain the position had already been sent but when Mike Reynolds put the case to the Minister later that day he accepted the representations.

Magnetic Times has sought a comment over the win from P & C President Teri Keonen who led the fight for the job to be maintained (read here) after the school's attendance numbers had dropped below a threshold number at which janitor/groundspeople are employed. Unfortunately she could not be contacted.

Mike Reynolds was particularly impressed with Teri and the Committee's work, "I want to congratulate the P & C for the case they were able to put up and thank Teri and her Committee for involving me so we could get the positive result from the government."

Mike Reynolds went on to say, "This is a good example of the P & C, community and local media working together"

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School janitor's position retained
Teri Koenen
June 2nd 2007
Thank you everyone for your part in making the position of groundsman at the school become a permanent position.
Without the personal letters and emails, the signing of petitions, strong media support, the support of the whole community, and of course Mr Mike Reynolds and his staff, I doubt we would have been able to achieve this great result.

June 4th 2007

June 4th 2007
A special thank you to Teri - without YOUR input and persistence the outcome may not have been so positive.

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