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May 28th 2007
Letter: 17 wrecks

This morning my husband and I went for a walk along the bush track that runs up behind the water tank just passed the golf club.

We didn't walk the whole track but in the distance we did walk we came across 17 yes 17 car wrecks, I am today writing to both the TCC and QPWS as I am not sure whose responsibility this is, to see if anything can be done about them, it really shows so many of the islanders in a bad light.

marlene trenerry

Letter: 17 wrecks
May 29th 2007
Ms Trenerry needs to know that the 40 acre property to which she is referring belongs to Townsville City Council. The Council purchased the totally untouched "park residential" land by compulsory acquisition several years ago with a view to rezoning and building a sewerage treatment plant on it to service the Nelly Bay harbour development (then under construction after a 10 year hiatus). The Council cocked up the acquisition and the material change of use process to such an extent that it was forced to build the sewerage plant on the adjacent block. The cock-up was compounded when the unhappy previous owners successfully sued Council in the Land Court so an absolute motzah of council funds was lost to lawyers and developer lackeys who had forced Council's hand in the first place.
In recent times (ie. the past five years) Townsville City Council has taken no interest in this valuable and environmentally important parcel of land other than to pursue some or any sort of opportunistic rorting of the system to make a few bucks out of what was a stupid and completely avoidable cock-up. The car wreck dumping accelerated as soon as Council said it would not accept car bodies at the landfill site in Picnic Bay - and offered no other process. Recently, the land has been rezoned "industrial" and presumably Council will induce someone to 'develop' something there to hide the systematic neglect and degradation - something which is new to that site but not to Council sites in general.
Ms Trenerry might think that "it really shows so many of the islanders in a bad light" but any reasonable inquiry will show that responsibility for the neglect of the land and its degradation through car dumping and other mismanagement lies squarely with the property owner. Townsville City Council not only allows dumping there, it encourages such behaviour by steadfastly refusing to negotiate anything with anybody regarding the future of that still-priceless site.

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