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A young koala's beach adventure

November 30th 1999

Ryan's painting: a closer look
Dani ryan
April 18th 2007
Bloody beauty Gavski!!!
And I thought you were just having fun in Sydney.
Good luck mate, so glad that the people that matter appreciate what we already know. What we have been enjoying for years. Next...the mainstream...................
Been missin you, especially at Musos.
big Love, Dani X
Vonnie van Bemmel
April 18th 2007
Bloody Brilliant!
Mal H
April 18th 2007
Good on you Gav! It's good to see you're getting a little of the recognition you deserve. This is only a beginning. Your brilliance has been our little secret for a long time but sooner or later it's time to get outside of the bubble.
We look forward to seeing and hearing you at muso's club when you return. Rage on!
Tanina C
April 19th 2007
Fantastic. Greens and other likemined people should use it as an electioneering poster as everyone would get the message real quick - no explanation needed and the politicians could get off their arses.
April 19th 2007
Love it, its really great.
Vicki Sasella-Copping
April 26th 2007
Not quite sure how I am came upon you and your work tonight...but amazing - really you are . I love what I have seen of this piece .
I am not "profound" as they say...but you are and I reckon there's a lot in the stories within your picture that the kids on this Island perhaps could learn or share or find out with you!

Your picture Rocks/thinks/expesses
Vicki Copping

June 8th 2007
YOU ROCK......"Fraggle Rock" that is.

Love Ya Work
November 20th 2007
Nice work gavski!
sheila chitrizza
February 15th 2010
Bloody brilliant!Love it-

sheila (owner of bessie-heidis Mum)
Nimbin nsw

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