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April 16th 2007
Gavin Ryan wins People's Choice

Gavin with his painting Magnetic Island artist Gavin Ryan has been in Sydney of late promoting his art to a wider audience. And if audience response is anything to go by he has certainly succeeded after his huge 3.6 x 2.4m painting, "At the edge of the flat earth" was rejected for hanging in the Art Gallery of NSW's Sulman Prize but won the People's Choice exhibition in, "The Real Refuses," exhibition in which works not selected for Sydney's biggest prizes: The Archibald, Wynne and Sulman, are hung at the Tap Gallery in Darlinghurst.

"It's nice to get recognised" said Gavin who took four and a half months to complete the painting which depicts a Mad Max type landscape in which a shopping trolley, brimming with brutal, venal and degenerating humanity, teeters on the edge of a bottomless chasm. The bleak theme however won the admiration of the wider public where it hung along with the work of another another eighty entrants - some of whom were past winners of the major prizes.

Gavin drove to Sydney from Townsville with his worked rolled up prior to the exhibitions and while he is disappointed on its non selection for the Sulman he has been offered a future show at the Tap and has been "making ripples" in the Sydney art scene since.

According to the Tap Gallery bulletin, '"The Real Refuses" has become firmly established as part of the "Archibald Season" and while it is an exhibition of rejected artwork, it is much more that that. It is about giving a fair go to all artists involved in Australia's largest art events."

Gavin expects to be back on Magnetic - at least for a while - within three to four weeks.

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Gavin Ryan wins People's Choice
Peter le Grand
April 17th 2007
Being hung in the 'salon des refuses' has proven a nice little backhander to the selectors.
And to Maggie Times - how about a full frontal shot of Gavin's allegorical/metaphorical 'to hell in a hand basket', just for those of us unable to wing it to the emerald city?
April 17th 2007
Go Gavvy baby!

We are soooooo proud of you!

In light and blessings
elena :)
robyn Nuttall
April 18th 2007
Congratulations Gavin! Your landscape looks very impressive.
Do you know if there are any sites where the 2007 Real Refuses are shown?
I'm also from Queensland and had no opportunity to go and see the exhibition--would have liked to have seen mine in context! (I had a portrait in the REAL REFUSES .) Robyn
jenny mulcahy
April 26th 2007
Fantastic result Gav
well done!

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