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April 9th 2007
Crocodile visits Picnic Bay

Kerrod pointing to where he spotted the crocodile A 2 metre crocodile was sighted last night at the Picnic Bay boat ramp.

The croc was spotted, by visitor from Townsville, Kerrod Sims and Pepi Mara from Bolger Bay who had been fishing off the jetty but had returned to the bus shelter barbeque area at around 10.30pm.

Kerrod, a fourth year plumber's apprentice, told, 'I saw the head in the shallows and said to Pepe, "You reckon that's a croc?" And he said "Yeah".

"We saw it for about ten seconds. We were under the street light for the boat ramp. "We went to look but after two sets came through it submerged and we didn't want to get closer. It could have been sitting straight under water."

Kerrod shows the length of the croc's head

Kerrod believes the crocodile to have been approximately two metres in length and may have been interested in the small wallabies near the creek which also enters the bay nearby.

Surf Lifesavers at Picnic Bay were, this morning, unaware of any crocs in the area but were maintaining a patrol at the stinger net.

According to the ABC, 'Beaches along the Strand in Townsville were closed for 48 hours on the weekend after a crocodile was seen 200 metres from the rock pool on Good Friday.'

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Officer on Magnetic Island Nathan Winn said that the last sighting of a croc on the Island was a year ago when a bus driver saw a croc resting its head on the floating stinger net enclosure support.

Story and photo: George Hirst

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Crocodile visits Picnic Bay
David J
April 11th 2007
Hmmm as far as stinger nets are concerned - you dont get a 'stinger' any bigger than that eh? I wonder if a splash of vinegar on the bite will take the pain away?

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