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February 12th 2007
Re Climate change & Bob Brown

There are trillions of tons of methane locked in the Arctic permafrost, a massive bog frozen for millennia. Now buildings are falling as it melts and releases this deadly green house gas.

Methane is a lethal planet-warmer, far worse than carbon dioxide. Burning of fossil fuels has almost produced an irreversible feedback loop, with more artic melting,
more methane, more warming, more melting, and then spiralling into uncharted territory.

Katrina was a disaster? We've seen nothing yet. We're staring into the face of extinction. Yet the coal industry puppets we call politicians scream about Bob Brown "Losing the plot." Excuse me, he's the only one that hasn't. The other mad mob reject vital growth of wind and solar because it doesn't fatten the usual suspects. And jobs? Give me a break. The same clowns have exported thousands of them, and bank on Aussies being too stupid to know huge investment in renewables
will create all the clean, safe employment we need.

Letter to the Editor from Mrs. Kim Bax, 77 Orion Road, Cedar Vale, Qld 4285

Re Climate change & Bob Brown
Brad Arnold
February 14th 2007
Scientists don't really know how fast the air and seas will heat up with the rapid rise of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere.

They can't even explain why the CO2 level in the air has been skyrocketing the last few years.

The last few decades the air has been warming about .2 C/decade, but it is probable that this will speed up due to feedbacks and rapidly increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Abstractly, complex systems tend to settle into stable states, and when forced, resist, then finally quickly change into a new stable state.

Simplistically, the earth's climate has three states: Ice Age, the Holocene, and the Thermomaximum (i.e. cold, just right, and hot). The Ice Age and the Thermomaximum aren't very surprising, they are just what happens when it is really cold, or really hot.

What is surprising and unique is the climate we've been experiencing the last 10,000 years, explained by the homoeostatic system that keeps the Earth

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