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February 12th 2007
A great time to see frogs

Ornate burrowing frog 'Frog season' is well and truly with us and contributor, Cris Lane has been out and about at night 'surveying' the wetter areas to see which frogs are around.

Cris writes, "Most people are familiar with the Green Tree Frog that lives around our houses but the other island frogs are not so often known. Here are pictures of some of them.

The Graceful Tree Frog (Litoria gracilenta)

Striped Rocket Frog (Litoria nasuta)

The Graceful Tree Frog (Litoria gracilenta), the Striped Rocket Frog (Litoria nasuta) and the Ornate Burrowing Frog ( Limnodynastes Ornatus). There are many Ornate Burrowing Frog babies (pictured) active in the daytime and they should not be confused with toads whose tiny young are all black. A full list with pictures of all the island frogs can be found at Magnetic Island Wildlife Site - (click here)

Unfortunately along with the frogs the Cane Toads are also out and about every night. Very few in Arcadia - probably thanks to the local Cane Toad Races, but heaps in the other Bay areas and along the West Point Road. Ideally being an island it should be possible to eliminate these toxic pests. These 'bad guys' are not only a danger to kids and dogs but to any wildlife that eats them such as birds and reptiles.

The community in Darwin has been rallying to stem their advance and it's a great example of what 'people power' can do. Their site is located (here)

One of the best ways to catch these critters is to grab them with your hand in a plastic shopping bag (to avoid their poison), turn it inside out and tie the top.

Cris is also offering to send them gently to toad heaven in the freezer. Anyone with toads (bagged) and no freezer is welcome to contact me her on 4758 1624 and she will enthusiastically despatch them. Anyone interested in going on 'toad excursions' is also welcome to phone.

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A great time to see frogs
February 12th 2007
Please don't anybody catch toads in a plastic bag and then just leave them there. Some people are disgustingly indifferent.
February 12th 2007
If every household on the island "bagged" a couple of toads and froze them, the benefits to other Island wildlife would be tremendous. It's not hard - and you never have to actually touch the beasties. Poor things, it's not their fault they are here, so let's despatch them painlessly in freezers rather than indulging in some of the crueller practices people have used.
Chris C
February 12th 2007
Congratulations to whoever is putting the MI Wildlife site together - it's already a fantastic resource and will only get better and better!!
Allyson Becker
February 14th 2007
I just visited the MI Wildlife website - what a fantastic site. I've been struggling for years to identify some of the wonderful creatures on the island, and now this. The site can only help increase my enjoyment and appreciation of the beasties I share my life with. So now to identifying the frogs that aren't green tree frogs...
Also, I've been catching cane toads using the plastic bag/freezer method since asking the vet about the most humane way of disposing of them. As Jill said, its not their fault they're here, or that they are what they are.
February 14th 2007
--Instead of freezing the toads, why not offer them to the staff at Magnums, for the Toad Races ? (--or have they already a surfeit of them ? !) --Hoyt, Nelly Bay
cris lane
February 14th 2007
reply to Chris C
thanks so much for your encouraging comments
I do the wildlife site with help from the qpws staff and local enthusiasts such as Larry Corbett. It would be nice if more locals went through their photo collections, especially birds, and sent some in
cris lane

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