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February 7th 2007
In response to: Solar City information begins to flow

Do those who have solar panels installed get a reduction in their bill for the ammount of energy which the panels produce, and are they made aware of the ammount of energy which the panels produce? julie venables

The Magnetic Island Ratepayers and Residents Association has embraced the aims of the Solar Cities Program, and has formed a committee (Chaired by Rick Vernon) which is expected to encourage participants to consider using some form of electric transportation, such as an electric bicycle, scooter, commuter auto or commercial vehicle (including a trialled electric bus). MIRRA is expecting to collate participants' data relating to cost effectiveness, vehicle performance and convenience of use. MIRRA expects to communicate collected data to the consortium members, and to facilitate further communication back to the Magnetic Island community as a whole. Another MIRRA committee, the MIRRA Transportation Committee is working towards a goal of sustainable modes of land transportation on our lovely island. We expect that electric vehicles will, in time, better achieve those goals of sustainability than what we currently see driving around our little island road system. The Solar Cities program may well be the catalyst needed to help this happen. Anyone wishing to participate in this electric vehicle venture should contact Rick Vernon or Bruce Williams.
Bruce Williams

Great News! There should be more of it if only the Pollys & their Coal mates would Keep their noses out of things! Keith Owens, one who knows a Farmer in the Warick area Runs His whole Dairy farm on it so see Pollys IT CAN BE DONE.
Keith Owens

I recently spend 3 weeks at Maggie and Townsville and really enjoyed the stay.It has so much going for it and now the solar trails for a forward looking city and island. I am looking forward to coming to stay one day.I still loves it may take a while for me to move on up.There is many people there that cares for the environment and I can see it in the media and debates that goes on.Good luck with the solar trial.
sing wong

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In response to: Solar City information begins to flow
Crusty Herron
November 7th 2007
Solar Cities? Why not solar settlements? I think that those who live up the west coast deserve a look in here.

Years ago, Brisbane hosted a mini trial of solar panels. The then SEQEB,installed panels purchased by the householders. (from memory) The govt gave a subsidy to the householders. The electricity not used during the day went into the grid. Purchased by SEQEB for (from memory) 28cents kw.

Perhaps here on the island those with panels installed could 'sell' a percentage of what goes into the grid. The money from the sales would be used to provide panels and replacement batteries etc for those who live up the west coast of our Maggie.

This maintains the integrity of the area. No power lines, no trenches.

The cost for providing panels would surely be less than providing power lines, property poles and maintainence of same etc.

At present ERGON have a voluntary donation scheme of $10 for 'Green Power'. This could also be a practical way to use some of the money.

If enough people from Westpoint way were involved then perhaps there would be some merit in making this a pilot for small Solar Settlements.

The pilot could also be used for research. Information could be gained for educatimg those in urban areas on aspects of the practical reduction in usage of power from non renewable sources. Our West Islanders have had years of experience living with minimal or no power. Their knowledge is invauable. Why waste it? It's a thought.

What do you think? Send us your comments.

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Well done everyone! Once again our fabulous community had a great day out and raised funds for a deserving cause - pat on back to all.
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