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February 3rd 2007
Island rain recorded

Sooning St bridge Feb 1 2007 For southern readers, who may have almost forgotten what rain looks like, here on Magnetic Island we can happily report that it does still fall in the north and, over the last week, in abundance.

While all the Island's creeks and watercourses are flowing swiftly and residents along the West Point track have been temporarily cut off, Nelly Bay resident and precipitation enthusiast, David Growcott, has recorded 565mm or over 22 inches of rain since January 30th.

Looking down Gustav Creek between the Barton and Sooning Street bridges.

Looking up Gustav Creek towards the Barton Street Bridge

For the record, David takes his records from 6am to 6am and here is his breakdown for the month so far:
Jan 29-30: 6mm
Jan 30-31: 100mm
Jan 31-Feb1: 235mm
Feb 1-2: 86mm
Feb 2-3: 138mm

David accepts that the pattern can be very localised across the Island with great variability from bay to bay and even within the same bay but for those interested in what rain has fallen on the Island the recordings provide something more specific rather than for Townsville as is generally reported. David also observed that last February saw only 29mm recorded in Nelly Bay for the whole month.

With a low expected to form early next week off the north Queensland coast and the possibility that it could form a cyclone it is likely that Magnetic and its surrounds will be in for a lot more.

Story & photos: George Hirst

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Island rain recorded
February 4th 2007
We live in Horseshoe Bay and record rainfall at around 6.00 am
We recorded
29/30: 11mils;
30/31: 56 mls;
31/1: 216 mls;
1/2: 45mls;
2/3: 82 mls.
February 4th 2007
Hi I also live in Horseshoe Bay closer to the beach front next to the lagoon in Henry Lawson Drive and have a 12 inch rain gauge, here are our recordings from Sunday 28/01/07 to Sunday 4th feb

9 am Sunday 28th to Monday 29th 9am 200ml

9am Monday 29th to Wednesday 31st 3pm 154ml

3pm Wednesday to Friday 2nd 9am 310ml
I went to townsville and the gauge was overflowing when i returned on friday

9am Friday to 9am Saturday 145ml

9am Saturday to 9am Sunday 4th feb 75ml

Which makes a total of 884ml in the old scale 35.36 inches nearly 3 feet of rain no wonder we are so wet and watch the mould grow before your eyes.

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