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January 17th 2007
Musos Club was hot for young and old

Colin Fulford plays Song of Joy Magnetic Island Musos' Club erupted with whistles and wild applause after Living Island Treasure, ex-Kokoda Trail veteran and long-time resident, 90 year old, Colin Fulford, played Beethoven's Song of Joy on harmonica last Saturday night. But if that wasn't enough the Club was later treated to the piano playing of a member of one of Britains greatest groups of the 1960-70s.

Colin has lived on the Island since 1968 -nearly all that time in a tiny house on Marine Parade -but learned to play harmonica growing up on the family dairy farm during the Great Depression near Colac Victoria. His appearance on stage was not surprising for anybody who knows Colin's spritely ways.

The night was also particularly notable for the appearance of a much more recent resident to Magnetic - Chris Copping - the former organist and bassist for the legendary English band Procol Harum.

Procol Harem's Chris Copping joined
in with a memorable performance

Copping wandered on stage as musicians do at Musos Club when they think they can add a little bit of something to a set. He appeared after the very polished and increasingly raunchy Sara Shaw took the stage, taking to the rather dilapidated upright, resident RSL, piano to see if he could punch out some chords to match the amplified sounds of Shaw along with Chris Blyth (guitar), Nial Bowden (bass guiter), Andy Lewis (drums) and Daniela (Djembe) Ryan. Soon a mic was rigged for the piano and a powerful new fullness of sound welled into Shaw's gusty blues as Copping joined the fray. There is hope that Musos Club will see more of this esteemed guest since he settled into Nelly Bay just last year.

Sara Shaw adds soul

Former Club President Chris Blyth added
sensational licks to the Sara Shaw outfit

For the audience there were many happy feet

With few planned sets due to the holiday period it was impressive that the night was opened by some talented kids: Byron and Jemima Thompson visiting from Proserpine.

Guitarist and singer Peter Jackson and partner Dani Ceccarelli followed with some tenderly harmonised original songs including, "Eucalyptus sun song" which contrasted the everyday Australian life with those of detained refugees. The pair were thenl joined by, Island jazz vocalist of great notes, Helen Ash for a fine rendition of Sister (Miss Ceily's blues)

Later, another visitor with impeccable skills in Irish folk music, Brendan Williams, played a short set of foot stomping jigs, followed by Beck - a young woman singer and guitarist visiting from Perth who was accompanied by her uncle Mic McDermott of Nelly Bay.

Later on a percussion-based jam, which included the ultra funky Condo and Elke, from the amazing NQ band Pachooka, and various Islanders including Andy Lewis on kit and Gavin Ryan on cowbell teamed up with Chris Copping on upright piano. On reflection it gave good cause for thinking the Club had just about the best line-up of hot musos one could poke a drum stick at anywhere in Queensland on the night.

Musos Club has clearly returned for 2007 with a bang and if Saturday's performance is any measure it looks like a hot year to come.

With such a surge of confidence and inspiration Musos Club will be taking its talents to the wider world by performing a special Australia Day gig at the Picnic Bay hotel on Saturday 27th from 4pm to 7pm. This looks like a big afternoon so don't miss the fun.

Musos Club now has its own myspace page which will be adding more and more material from the gigs as they accrue. As you will see the page has already attracted a lot of attention from all over the world.

For more photos click (here)

Story: George Hirst
Photos; Gavin Ryan and George Hirst

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Musos Club was hot for young and old
January 24th 2007
It was my first night at the Musos. I was blown away by the talent. Best $4 I have ever spent.
Rob Rogers
May 15th 2007
I am trying to contact big Pete who is an old friend of mine. So, Peter jackson please reply and say hello. Pleased to hear you still playing music, congratulations on your popular song award.
Dave Ball
May 7th 2008
Please say hello to Chris Copping if he should happen by the club (.99999 probability I would think). Say Dave Ball from Procol Harum called and he claims his five pounds!
Oh, and read his email!!!
September 22nd 2009

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