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November 30th 1999

An Inconvenient Truth - this Saturday
Peter le Grand
January 30th 2007
A very personal view I appreciate BUT taking in 'An Inconvenient Truth' is definately a must see.
Moreover, unlike some similarly themed presentations this production is delivered in readily understood and easily related to terms.
In fact, arguably the perfect 'primer' for all those of us who really want to get their head around, but have shyed away, from what is so often seemingly complex.
Besides, we have a moral debt to future generations and willing ignorance is no defence - now or at our last gasp.
Go, see and actually enjoy a learning experience.

Jenny Stirling
February 1st 2007
This movie galvanised the Townsville Greens into action coming as it did hot on the heels of David Suzuki's visit in 2006.

I encourage skeptics and believers who want to have a truly adult experience to go along and encounter a set of ideas which are not massaged and managed by marketing gurus and media barons.

It is refreshing in the extreme for that quality alone.

Al Gore gives us the information we need to be able to understand what is happening to our world and the way in which we can be part of the solutions and not the problems of out of control greenhouse emissions.

The production has stunningly beautiful images and combines a personal story and a scientifically backed account of climate change.

This is the movie which helped change John Howard's mind about the whole climate change debate.

NQ Greens Spokesperson
Jenny Stirling
Jenny Stirling
February 4th 2007
In fact, I think I will get some friends together and have another look at this movie just to refresh my memory and to inspire me in the lead up to the forth coming federal election. The clash of values which has triggered such a rapid transition into climate change is more apparent here because of the impact of poorly planned development on the island's natural beauty and environment.


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