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January 12th 2007
Work on Magnetic Island

Surviving on Magnetic Island can be harder than it looks. Many are drawn by a dream of living on a tropical Island paradise but just how to survive, without trekking off as a Townsville commuter each weekday, can be a major challenge. But, right now, there are some interesting and diverse casual/part-time job opportunities that might just tip the balance in favour of an Island based lifestyle your way.

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Work on Magnetic Island
Kyle Woodland
January 19th 2007
21 year old Male from Olympia WA i just saw a show on the travel channel visiting the island, and scuba diving arround the reef, love the Island paradise and would love to take a vacation, is not just move someday soon!
Richard Connor
August 29th 2011
I went to Magnetic Island yesterday for the first time and instantly fell in love with it. If anybody knows of any jobs available there, please feel free to let me know. I want to make it my new home
Olivia Moore
September 21st 2011
Hi not a Backpacker - I have just returned after serving in HM Forces overseas & as a now youngish Veteran I have moved Townsville but I shall be popping over to Maggie this weekend. I wll be looking for work I am pretty much jack of all trades. I have permanent accommodation on the Island give me a call on: 0406 239 665 if you have any genuine offers. Maybe I could even assist in keeping the RSL Club Committee going :)
Marcus Dunster & Kelly Ferrell
April 15th 2012
Hi there, my partner and I are looking at relocating in July, we are a young hardworking couple. I plan on continuing my studies in Zoology in Townsville and would appreciate news of a casual job. I am a qualified veterinary nurse and have extensive hospitality/touriism experience. My partner is also looking for permanent work, he has alot of agricultural/machining experience, is currently in a sales position and can pretty much do anything.
Keeley McLean
April 25th 2013
Hi guys,I just moved to Townsville a few weeks ago and currently looking for work on Magnetic Island. I have previous Island work experience i used to live and work on Hook Island on the Whitsundays. Available to start asap in anything. I'm Friendly and a quick learner so please contact me if there is anything going.
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