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December 11th 2006
Year 7 says farewell

A night of colour and fun Last Thursday MI State School acknowledged the efforst of its graduating Year 7 students with a colourful ceremony and celebration under the stars at the RSL Hall in Arcadia.

A number of students were awarded various prizes for their efforts through the year. A breakdown of the awards, the sponsoring organisation or individual and the recipient areas follows:

Best All Round Student presented by MI Sub Branch RSL: Delia Koelman

Achievement Through Effort sponsored by John & Ruth Spalding: Imogen Jones

Citizenship sponsored by M I State School P & C Assoc: Michael Wood

Academic Achievement RSL: Luan Scherl-Dight

Academic Achievement sponsored by M I Sub Branch: Julian Picot

Academic Achievement sponsored by M I Sub Branch RSL: Nicholas Langley

Academic Encouragement sponsored by M I Post Office: Joanna Hellum

Academic Encouragement sponsored by Sunferries Magnetic Island: Amelia Kells

Academic Encouragement sponsored by M I State School: Ryan Wetzel

Academic Encouragement sponsored by MI Bus Service: Geordon Smith

Teachers' Award for Resilience sponsored by Cat Johnson & Caron Grey: Natalia Wright Literary Award: Georgie Dunn

Reading sponsored by Magnetic Community News: Amelia Kells

Following are some more photos of the night.

A Literary gal

Time to party

A big night for hugs

A big night for dressmaking

The three Ryans

The pink and blonde approach

The complete list of Yaer 7 2006 MI State School
Tayla Bailie, Krissy Birch, Fia Braley, Ryan Byrnes, Kelly Clark-Kennedy, Danielle de Chazal, Georgie Dunn, Jackson Farrant, Joanna Hellum, Misty Howie, Ethan Jones,
Imogen Jones, Amelia Kells, Delia Koelman, Nicholas Langley, Ula Morgan-Terrey, Aidan Munro, Luke Napier, Kristian Parker, Julian Picot, Luan Scherl-Dight, Geordon Smith, Ryan Smith, Heidi Tonc, Nicole Tonc, Lily-Rose Turnbull, Violet Vasconcelos
Felia Veth, Ryan Wetzel, Adam Wilson, Kiara Winn, Michael Wood, Natalia Wright.

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Year 7 says farewell
julie venables
December 12th 2006
It is hard to believe that it has been 7 years since I saw Ryan Byrnes at the tuck shop on the first day of grade one,when he asked, with a dollar in his hand and two lovely girls by his side, "you got a piece of chocolate cake for these two girls?"
francis smedley
December 12th 2006
Well done Lily-Rose Turnbull.You look great. From The smedley family... 8 olympus crescent
Imogen Jones
December 12th 2006
I had a fantastic night.It was amazing, it's going to be really sad leaving everyone and leaving the school, I've had so many good memories.
Thanks for the lovely photos, Pen and George.

pam pete langley
December 13th 2006
A special group of yr 7,s this year ,helped make a wonderful celebration of their final year at maggie island primary.
They all looked amazing ,grown up,so happy and the rsl venue was perfect for an evening of relaxed mingling under the stars,lots of laughter ,entertainment by the kids and a few tears by the end of the night .We enjoyed it a lot .
December 13th 2006
Well done Georgie Dunn, Talented girl on more than one level....
jill almberg
December 15th 2006
WOW! i can't believe you kids like fia, ethan,nic & julian are all grown up & going to highschool. makes me feel old !!
tayla bailie
December 19th 2006
hey, Grad was a fun time for everyone but then there where people who where crying and getting emotional i mean it ws a sad mommant for everyone.I think it was a fantastic time for everyone to say there good byes like me because i'm moving to bowen (i think).I'LL MISS YA!
December 28th 2006
Hi, Nicole & Heidi
Wow you look so grown up but you both look great! Luv the Jemmos!!
December 28th 2006
i think that nicole tonc looks lovly in her butiful dress and heidi tonc. Hope it was good but i live in mildura so i could not go to it but i know the girls
nicholas o'suvillan
March 16th 2007
I think Ula looked super hot!!!! and imi looked fab !!!!!!
March 29th 2007
I can't believe i had to dance to cheer those crying girls up at year seven grad!!!!!!!!
April 8th 2007
I rekon it was awsum! i had a great time... Every1 looked Gawjuz! lol :P

But it was sad aswell...Thanx Byrnzy 4 cheering us up!! lol :P {Dani i miss u 2 much :( xoxoxo}
August 29th 2007
i had a great night but im sooooo sad too be livin. Seeya all next year in HIGH SCHOOL !!!!
Thanks Byrnzy for cheering me n lily up.
Miss all you guys all ready. xoxo
August 29th 2007
it was so awsome

smiddy looked so hot
September 5th 2007
heyy all.
You all looked fab that night, im missing ya all so so much, oh thanks nick.s. hope i see yall soonn
loves ya ula xxx
Pauline Talbot
September 12th 2007
Some of you may remember me as Mrs. Douglas. Well I certainly remember a lot of you. I can't believe that Ryan Wetzel, Fia Braley, Imogen Jones and all the others are all off to high school soon. I hope you have enjoyed your time at Magnetic Island School as much as I did.
Jackson Farrant
September 19th 2007
I'de just like to say thanx 2 mis johnson and mis grey grad was great i really enjoyed spendin the year with u and i hope the year sevens now will as well. maggie roks! jaxon
May 16th 2008
Hi heidi hat ya bin doin wit ya self you looked so fab but nicole u looked better
rebecca jemmeson
May 28th 2008
hi heidi and nicole how ya doing it chelsea and becca lol we at school and looked up heidis name lol love ya lots and lots cant wait to see ya this year lol xoxoxoxox
Amelia Kells
June 14th 2008
This is SOOOOOO SHAME....!
Kiara Winn
May 3rd 2009
Im a bit late on the whole commenting thing, but i guess its better late than never.
Im writing this because its been just over three years since we all graduated and it feels like only yesterday we were outside writing our spelling words in chalk. Getting older is so hard, watching the people you remember sitting in the sand box with and playing dress up with grow up is realy difficult. I miss everything about primary school. The rarity of an argument, the compassion of the teachers, the friends i made.. None of us are the same anymore, but we will always remember our years together at Magnetic Island State School. Growing up on the island is like having a MASSIVE extended family. Everyone knows everyone, there are auntys we don't like and cousins we love but no matter how we feel about them we are all united by the beauty and magic of Magnetic Island. Graduation was very hard, we all had a cry. Mostly i think because it ment that we really were leaving all that we knew behind. I guess thats life though, moving on. I want to thank all the teachers i had from Magnetic Island SS for building me into the person i am. Although some people might not think very much of me, they made me see that i AM a good person and i AM worth orther peoples time. I want to thank all the friends i had in primary school because even though we may not see eachother anymore, you were there in the start.

Natalia Wright
August 24th 2009
omg its my graduation yaaaayyy that was awsome
Nicholas de jonge
March 10th 2010
wow joanna and heidi look sooooooo hot!!! even when they were in year 7
Heidi Tonc
March 10th 2010
Nicholas de Jonge is so hot, I wish I could be with him for the rest of my life.
Puikap Hankin
May 21st 2010
hey yallllllllll!

delia and geordon, you's look sooo gawjuzz.

wish i went to maggie island. see you at iga LOL LOL

casey grimes
July 18th 2010
Ryans dressed like a skatboarded even though he cant skate but he looks cute in his etnie atire i wish he would pull his socks down though it makes him look like a nerd Lol
September 1st 2010
i member ryan we tied him up 1 day n took off his clothes at least to his under wear and we took his shoes shirts pants and socks i still have his shirts socks we gave some back ill never no how he got un tied but ur right case he is so cute we kissed for a moment n he got red hahaha but that was long ago but if i see him agian ill tie him down and hell run home naked and red omg so hot!
Hannah Roberts
March 22nd 2011
sexy girlss! hahahahah
March 22nd 2011
Nick you creep I bet you were trying to google me!!
Hannah Roberts
June 7th 2011
geordon smith is a milf
Aidan Munro
October 21st 2011
wow didnt evan think there were records of this stuff we were all so young lol

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