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November 14th 2006
Picnic Rec Centre "Will not close"

Local Member and Speaker Mike Reynolds State Minister for Local Government Planning and Sport, Hon. Andrew Fraser has today informed Local Member and State Government Speaker, Mike Reynolds, that the Magnetic Island Active Recreation Centre at Picnic Bay will definitely not close.

Mike Reynolds informed that "The first suggestion I'd heard of possible closure of the Centre was when I saw it in the media (read here) over the weekend.

"I wrote to Andrew Fraser expressing my horror and concern that such an iconic centre on Magnetic Island could be closed with seemingly no consultation with the community"

"Not only would Magnetic Island put up a great fight but so would their Local Member"

Mike Reynolds also highlighted the irony of the Department wishing to close such a facility in a time of increased concern over obesity.

Mike Reynolds has since received a reply in which Minister Fraser assured him that the Centre will definitely not close.

Story: George Hirst

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Picnic Rec Centre "Will not close"
Bruce Williams
November 15th 2006
Good. There will not only be no closure, but there will therefore be no electoral backlash. No closure, but what about changes to the functioning of the Picnic Bay Camp? If there are changes, one would hope that this community will be consulted so as to maximise community input, and thus achieve great outcomes for future clients of the MI camp. Magnetic Island has lost all the church camps, and we nearly lost the Picnic Bay camp. I remind readers that Magnetic Island now can boast \"Marriage Tourism\" thanks to some creative celebrants and Island businesses. The Island is a great place for weddings! Lets therefore repromote \"Camps Tourism\". For many years, Magnetic Island has been a terrific place for schools, universities, businesses, minorities etc. to meet and enjoy our attractions. We have one camp still functioning. We have activities, talent, attractions galore. What can you do to influence the future functioning of the Picnic Bay camp?
David Crusty Herron
November 16th 2006
Congratulations Mike. It's good to know that our State Member is not only listening and acting on the expressed will of the people, but achieving sensible outcomes as well.

Apart from the obvious benefits for thousands of visitors, particularly children & young adults, the decision to keep our recreation camp in the hands of the people also ensures, for the moment, that another chunk of paradise is not sold off for development at any price.

Thanks to all who lobbied hard

David Crusty Herron
12 bottiger St
Magnetic Island
November 16th 2006
For all the chidren from inland who will enjoy our beautiful island (and maybe even learn a little, too! I can only be thankful that the Picnic Bay camp will not be closing.
I raised four children in Mount Isa, and for all of them, one of the high spots of their school life was the Year 7 Magnetic Island Camp. Since we have come to live on the Island, occasionally we will cross on the ferry along with a cowd of children all carrying their pillows. Aha! More Mt. Isa children (they have a train journey of almost 24 hours to get here!). For some children, it will be their first sight of the sea; for all, it is a wonderful change from their dry, dusty home. I was devastated when I thought that furture generations of children from the inland would be missing out. Thank heavens for sanity or whatever it was that saved the Camp!
Peter Edwards-Davis
November 16th 2006
Is it then not true that the camp is not accepting bookings after june 30 ?
November 17th 2006
How stupid can these buaeroctats be and thanks Mike for bringing them back to the real world

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