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November 13th 2006
Maggies Beach House to close

Maggies Beach House with Geckos Cafe and Bar While reports that the Magnetic Island Active Recreation Centre at Picnic is among one of six across Queensland to close shortly, a double-whammy for the Island's visitor-based economy is about to hit at the other end of Magnetic at Horseshoe Bay's Maggies Beach House which is to close its doors on December 20.

Manager John 'Scotchie' O'Neil told, "It was really hard last week when I had to announce the news to our staff."

Over 20 locals are employed during the peak season at Maggies and the impact on the Island's economy is likely to be substantial with the company spending over $850,000 within the Magnetic Island economy per annum.

Maggies, which opened in 1999 with 182 beds has been a major drawcard for budget travellers to the Horseshoe Bay strip.

Averaging over 60,000 bed nights per year the expenditure by travellers staying at Maggies was estimated at $4.2M annually.

It has also been one of the few outlets for live music and the Geckos Caf

Maggies Beach House to close
v jeffery
November 14th 2006
aha - there is that big P word again - absolutely no doubt it will look attractive to the big fat developers.

Sorry backpackers - you will be pushed out so far into the dry west you'll be in perth soon -that is unless you can afford the rates of another ugly block of exorbitantly priced unit accommodation options.
November 16th 2006
Oh well the backpackers will head to Bungalow. Until bungalow points towards the familys for budget accomadation like maggies is.
November 16th 2006
It is zoned residential or tourist? (not that this seems to matter ever). If it's going to be luxury apartments (and they're selling like hotcakes over here...ha ha....) then that is a material change of use, and then we can all write our objections and be ignored again (not so funny...). Still, given the state of the apartment situation right now, it hardly makes sense to add to the unsalable glut by building even more which will drag prices down further. Maybe other developers might object this time too, and maybe they will be listened to.
November 30th 2006
182 beds times 365 nights equals 66,430 bed nights per year - if it is chockablock every single night. If the vendor is claiming an AVERAGE of "over 60,000 bed nights per year" (just over 90% occupancy) then someone has got hold of themselves. They should check their numbers and get a grip.
November 27th 2006
Whilst I am very saddened and quite disappointed in the closure of Maggies Beach House, I must admit that I am not entirely surprised. For the past few years the atmosphere at Maggies has been on a downward spiral for the younger generation. To be honest it has been more reminiscent of an RSL than a backpackers, the only thing it
David J
December 10th 2006
What a shame. I always enjoyed visiting, the food was always of a high standard, staff friendly and rooms great. The facility also provided an important alternative venue and destination to be enjoyed. Its in no ones interest to have less business's of the calibre. Many thanks to the managment for the good memories. Regards David J

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