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November 30th 1999

Picnic Bay Rec Camp under review
Bruce Williams
November 11th 2006
A little birdie whispered to me that six of the twelve camps in Queensland are likely to be axed.
Peter Edwards-Davis
November 13th 2006
If the Magnetic Island Recreation Camp was closed, What alternative venue might be offered to children from Hughenden, Richmond, Winton Julia Creek, Mount Isa and a whole lot more locations west of Townsville? These young people need to spend some time by the sea as part of their education.
Wendy Tubman
November 15th 2006
I agree, Peter. In our 'booming' State, there is less and less money and consideration for things that add quality rather than quantity to the community life. One of these days we (or the next generations) will look back aghast at how greedy and short-sighted we became. And wonder how it happened. In the meantime if the camp closes, why doesn't the community demand that it be converted into a home for our elders? It is, after all, COMMUNITY property.

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