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October 20th 2006
Radical could be sold

Radical Bay after site clearing this year Rumours have been flying for months on Magnetic that Juniper's Radical Bay site may be up again for sale and today's story in the Townsville Bulletin, "Prime island site not a priority and could be sold off", appears to confirm them.

The article by Tony Raggatt (read here) refers to Juniper marketing manager David Kortlang as saying, no official campaign was under way to sell the site and there was 'no for sale sign on the front of the property'.

It continues, "However when asked if private approaches were being made, he said he could not say."

According to the Bulletin "at least one major developer has been approached with an asking price of around $8 to $10 million for the 7.4ha site".

As with other still-to-be-developed sites on Magnetic, skilled labour shortages and high building costs and the cooling in the property market from southern capitals are a likely cause for developer hesitancy.

However, later in the article Mr Kortland is reported to have said, "(Radical Bay) is the best site on Magnetic Island and always will be and we'll develop it when the time is right".

Protesters gathered to "Save Radical" in 2002

Opposition to the development at Radical by residents and conservationists has been a feature of the site's more recent history. Radical Bay is seen as one of the most attractive beaches on the Queensland coast with very high environmental values. Conservationists claimed that the 98 units and 12 beach houses planned for the "Sea Temple" resort was far too large and the resulting numbers of people accessing the resort would impact on the world heritage values of Radical and adjacent Florence Bay which was itself the site of a successful anti-development protest in the late 1980s.

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Radical could be sold
October 25th 2006
Punters disappointed that they might not now be able to buy a flash pile at Radical Bay should take a look at the history of that development proposal - as it is set out in previous editions of this e-news medium.
The developers, our city councillors and the grotesquely grovelling pro development media and enterprise groups should read their own pap - the self serving twaddle they served each other as they supped at the public tit.
Thanks a lot guys. Love your work.
george Villaflor
November 2nd 2006
Does anyone know if that ancient srub turkey nest at Radical Bay site was saved from the clearing of the site? I remember when I lived on Maggie spending time watching them dart & scratch around their old & very large nest. I even wrote in my submission about Radical that extra care had to be given to these wonderful bush creatures that put up with humans tredding all over their feeding table. George Villaflor Canberra
November 7th 2006
Not actually scrub turkeys George. Palm Island, yes, Mainland, yes but Magnetic Island - no. This one is the Orange Footed Scrub Fowl or bush chook and it has the same style of incubator nest mound as the scrub turkey.
Haven't been to Radical since the makeover although I'm sure your request for "extra care" was observed to the letter - not!

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