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October 13th 2006
In response to: Jetty refurbishment - calls for comment

Keep up the good work, Picnic Bay Jetty was the lifeline to our beloved Magnetic Island and should be looked after in her semi-retirement!

I have fond memories watching the mokes on the back of the ferries unloaded onto picnic bay.The island commuters and school kids used to form a human chain and help unload the cargo,before boarding to go to town.

Maybe a reminder of what it was like for all to see and reminis/enjoy local & tourists alike.The Picnic Bay Jetty is an important part of our Island`s history.A selected photographic display.

of the Picnic Bay Jetty in it`s heydays would be an appropriate would complement the shelter area/s.An Annual Fishing Festival " Picnic at Hanging Hooks"(tag and release!)and/or a "Jazz on The Jetty ( Sea Havest ) Festival.Have Trawlers tied up with Fish Markets on & off the Jetty etc etc." Anything like this to celebrate & enjoy the saving of the Picnic Bay Jetty that would also keep her spirit alive.]
Keep Maggie Safe & Regards to all.
Peter (Pirate) Dowdall

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In response to: Jetty refurbishment - calls for comment
May 27th 2007
That sounds like a great idea and what fun it would be. When's ths going to happen though???

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