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September 28th 2006
Arcadia to Nelly utilities corridor starts October 4

The Water Matters Alliance is to begin work on a utilities corridor between Arcadia and Nelly Bay on October 4. The work will involve half road closures and disruptions to traffic. For details see the following notice.

Arcadia to Nelly utilities corridor starts October 4
October 1st 2006
who is paying for this as i see it just goes directly to arcadia resort. is there a benefit for the residents of arcadia or is solely for the purpose of helping the developer build the three story concrete monstrosities proposed to overshadow alma and jeffry bays?
David Donohue, WMA Stakeholder Relations
October 3rd 2006
Hi Fred,

An easy question to answer, I'm pleased to say.

The original project was designed to provide a main wastewater line to run from the Horden Ave Pumpstation up and out of Arcadia to the existing system in Nelly Bay with the aim of allowing TCC to progressively connect residents of Arcadia to the wastewater system.

While we have the road at Greystones Corner open, we will also lay a new water main and Ergon Energy power cable alongside the wastewater line. This will save others having to come back and dig up the same important section of road.

With the rest of the project occuring, TCC and Arkies have agreed to extend the wastewater line from Horden Ave to the existing small wastewater treatment plant at Arkies so that waste from the resort can be safely and effeciently treated at the TCC facility in Picnic Bay. This section of work gives us the opportunity to provide wastewater connections to a small number of residents between Horden Ave and Appian Way as we go past.

So, in short - the main project is designed to allow Arcadia to be progressively sewered and increase power and water capacity in the bay.

Before anyone asks, I don't know when TCC plans to extend the domestic wastewater system through Arcadia or any other part of the Island. These works just provide the backbone for the rest of the system.

David Donohue
Stakeholder Relations
1800 818 717

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