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September 28th 2006
Taking power with Clean Energy

The Ravenshoe wind farm While Magnetic Islanders are eagerly anticipating the Solar City trial a very effective way of reducing our fossil fuel footprint has been available for several years. It is Ergon's renewable energy program, Clean Energy.

A Townsville-based mother, Tanya Korn, turned an environmental negative into a positive by signing her family up for the program seven years ago.

Tanya is one of the company's longest subscibers for Clean Energy. She thinks it is electricity consumers - residents and businesses - who really hold the power.

"As consumers, we can make choices

Taking power with Clean Energy
jenny Stirling
September 28th 2006
As a subscriber to clean energy for about 5 years myself, I can only endorse Tanya Korn's sentiments.

Surely, if we want to have a cleaner more healthy world, it is up to us to make it happen and be assured of one thing.

The market will not lead the way because there is less profit for market leaders if people commit to consuming less.

A headache for them but salvation for the planet.

O happy day!

Christina Macpherson
October 1st 2006
Tanya Korn deserves a medal for her attitude and action. Jenny Stirling does, too.
So Ergon Energy is in business to make a profit - so no doubt some cynical people will say. So what! Good on them. Clean energy with wind, by-products of sugar cane, macadamia nut shells, solar power and hydro-electricity.
I'm not a subscriber - just found this news item while surfing the net for something positive about energy. Christina Macpherson

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