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September 21st 2006
White on blue

Diluted plaster drains into Nelly Bay Harbour This morning commuters at Nelly Bay Harbour were dismayed to see a bright white liquid discharging from a storm water pipe into the harbour beneath the Blue on Blue development.

Photos were taken by locals concerned at the pollution and sent to and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Mr Bob McKay, Gordon Property Developments' General Manager for North Queensland told that the spill was caused when, "A new plaster boarder washed his bucket out in the drain rather than using the measures on site."

The pipe drained through the rockwall beside the harbour's barge landing.

"The (site's) Environmental Management Plan was impacted and I'm waiting on a report from Abigroup" said Mr McKay.

The plasterer has according to Mr McKay been reprimanded but, "We don't sack people for an honest mistake."

Mr McKay told that the company had advised all the relevent environmental authorities.

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White on blue
Chris C
September 22nd 2006
Ain't nearly as disgusting as the harbour is going to look like after the first cyclone !!
Alastair Birtles
September 22nd 2006
Dear George

I think the coastal and marine environment was impacted - in addition to the Blue on Blue EMP.

Glad that people are not sacked for an honest mistake - but the larger issue is what induction processes for "new" employees does the company have as part of its EMP?

Judging from the photo - he must have had a very large bucket.


September 22nd 2006
It must have been a helluva big bucket!
September 23rd 2006
Actually the reclamation itself has sprung a leak through the underground excavations. But don't worry. It's only the harbour dredge spoil escaping back into itself.
"Impact" and "induction" are big words not usually part of the waterfront vocabulary in Nelly Bay - as I'm sure you've noticed.
September 23rd 2006
If, as we all seem to think, this gross pollution was caused by something other than one plasterer washing out his bucket, what, if any action, will be taken by the Federal Department of the Environment against the Gordon Property Developments' General Manager for North Queensland? The Environment Protection and Conservation of Biodiversity Act has provisions for applicants intentionally misleading the Department- from memory these provisions include fines and gaol terms. It would be good to see the Department take its responsibilities serious and send a clear message to developers that the ACT is there to be followed and that we are not stupid.
September 24th 2006
If we are hoping that Canberra will gaol a plasterer for putting a bucket on his head then there will be some that doubt the expression "...we are not stupid".
Anyway, tests carried out by JCU graduates have revealed that the reclaim was just farting. Not.
Concerned resident
September 24th 2006
It seems that no one but the EPA is aware of the paint spill in the Lions Park corner of the Blue on Blue job which occoured some 2 mths prior to this one, how could the same careless "accident" have happened again?

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