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September 14th 2006
Spray culture moves from streets into gallery

Old Skool Ridgy by Lee Harnden Annoying defacers of public places or the works of prophets sprayed on the subway walls, are two ways people think about grafitti. Whatever your opinion there is no doubting the passion and persistence of its producers and, in an exhibition at Perc Tucker Gallery, little doubt about the talent of some like Lee Harnden, whose exhibition, "Amongst the Wolves" opens tomorrow.

"It is appropriate that we listen to the voice of young artists. Youth culture is a crucial part of the art world." Frances Thomson, Director of Perc Tucker Regional Gallery.

Lee's art work shows his skill in spray can technique, working images up to near photographic quality. He is adept at the rendering of surface textures and many of the paintings will be fascinating to viewers as they can observe the smooth skin of 1940s starlets, the glinting metal of an AK 47, delicate bubbles and the feathered body of a Bald Eagle.

Bubble Bobble
1.1 x 1.1 m

1.8 x 1.4 m

Lee Harnden is a nationally recognised graffiti artist . This exhibition of new works is presented as part of Perc Tucker Regional Gallery's support of youth projects. Anticipating a strong interest by young people, Amongst the Wolves is held at the same time as the Townsville City Council Young Artist Awards.

The exhibition runs until 22 October 2006.

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If you wish to attend the Exhibition Opening tomorrow, Friday 15th September - please arrive at 8 pm sharp for documentary viewing (but bring your torch!)

On Sunday October 1 there will be a free Public Talk by the artist about the show from 11 am.

Image at top: Old Skool Ridgy, 1.7 x 1.33 m, enamel

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Spray culture moves from streets into gallery
jenny stirling
September 15th 2006
I think the Graffitti art show is a great idea. I know that Melbourne is the world leader in this sort of art and many shop fronts had graffitti placed there to announce their affinity with the 'edge'.

Whilst in Melbourne in June, a friend took me on a tour of such sites in Collingwood. I have to say, appreciation of the art form is an acquired taste but then I only started eating avocado in my 40's, which says a lot about my taste in things. And I have yet to like mangoes :)

Camille Barton
September 22nd 2006
Hello, I have recently been to townsville on long weekend and was fortunate to discover this fantastic art exhibition. In particular I am interested in the series of major cards that was shown. My very good friend has a birthday coming up and I was hoping you could send me some purchase prices. The feeling the exhibit gave me was passion, inexhaustable youth and respect. I hope it goes really well. Look forward to hearing back from you. Camille
March 26th 2008
hey wats up...just wanted to say bro you are doin an awsome job!...

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